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Turf Grid RW40

Sturdy turf honeycomb in green with horizontal wall openings for perfect rooting of the turf & optimal moisture transport from honeycomb to honeycomb.

  • 500 x 500 x 40 mm | 0.8 kg
  • Load capacity up to 350t/m²
  • Optimal rooting
  • Robust honeycomb structure
  • Effective load distribution
  • Robust HDPE plastic
oder in m²
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  • RW40-001

Features & Highlights

Optimal rooting

thanks to openings in the honeycomb bottom
Horizontal & vertical drainage openings
Grows almost invisibly

in the lawn or meadow
Suitable for paved walkways in gardens or parks
Drivable lawns & meadows without ruts
Paved parking areas for trailers and trailers
Turf honeycomb RW40 in green - 0.25 m² - 500 x 500 x 40 mm - 350.0 t/m² - 0.80 kg -... more

Turf honeycomb RW40 in green - 0.25 m² - 500 x 500 x 40 mm - 350.0 t/m² - 0.80 kg - 1.00 mm profiling - 16 couplings - 60 mm grid opening width - on-sub laying. The RW40 turf honeycomb has 72 individual honeycombs with 480 drainage holes, which are in the honeycomb walls and 160 drainage holes in the honeycomb bottom. (Note: The product design of the bottom honeycombs has been improved as of 9/2016 and can be recognized by the new 6-cornered honeycomb structure). 

As a result, the lawn or grass is much better supplied with water and moisture and usually grows faster, denser and more evenly compared to other lawn grids and honeycombs without these additional openings. At the same time, rainwater can percolate more easily into the soil, greatly reducing the formation of puddles or muddy areas. This is why the turf honeycomb is often called drainage grids or drainage honeycomb by customers and clients. Thanks to this excellent drainage function, it is possible to realize an almost unsealed ground surface and save municipal fees for sealed surfaces.

Another special detail of the turf honeycomb in comparison to conventional soil grids, gravel grids and turf grids is, the up to 15 mm wide honeycomb bottom. The advantage of a wider contact surface is the load-distributing effect, which reduces the probability of the product sinking into a soft subsoil. The risk of unsightly and unintended depressions or subsidence, such as ruts and rutting, is thus considerably reduced.

Nature provides the constructive model for the turf honeycombs. The principle of the extremely stable 6-cornered honeycomb structure was transferred to the design of the product. The RW40 lawn honeycomb is made of regenerated UV-stabilized PE-HD. This has resulted in a highly innovative, environmentally friendly product that uses the natural strength of a honeycomb structure to effectively stabilize the soil.

Technical data "Turf Grid RW40"
Product data
Product category Floor mounting, Turf stabilization
Length, per piece (mm) 500
Width, per piece (mm) 500
Height, per piece (mm) 40
Area per piece (m²) 0,25 m²
Piece per m² 4
Load capacity (≤ t/m²)** 350t/m²
Weight per piece (kg) 0,80
Weight per m² (kg) 3,20
Grille opening width (mm) 60
Filling volume (m³/m²) 0,04
Water permeable 95%
Ground anchor integrated 4 spikes | 20mm penetration depth
Connection points 16 Couplings
Connection mechanism 3D (horizontally & vertically coupled)
**Notes on load capacity All data on load-bearing capacity and protective effect depend, among other things, on factors such as temperature, soil class, soil properties, soil bearing capacity, contact areas, dynamics & direction of force application
Material data
Material (1) HDPE plastic
Material thickness (mm) 3
Color green
Thermal expansion 0.2 mm/m²/°C
Frostproof Yes
Resistance, resistant to acid rain, Salt water, Oil, Gasoline, Alcohols, Solvent, Ammonia, Acids, Lyes
UV stabilized Yes (UV stabilized)
Application data
Laying by type On the substructure (On-Sub)
Laying capacity (m²/hour) 120
Filling Topsoil, Seeds, Sand, Grit, Ornamental gravel, Gravel, Ballast, Wood chips, Bark mulch
Load index** Industrial trucks, Pedestrian, Wheelchair user, Cyclist, Golf cart, CAR, Delivery van, TRUCK
Application Caravan / Camping, Entrance / Exits, Recreational facilities / playground construction, Galabau / sports facility construction, Garden / House / Land, Sidewalks / bike paths, Golf / Park, Dog sports / small animal breeding, Parking spaces
Industries Horticulture & Landscaping, Golf Course Construction & Maintenance, Sports facility construction & leisure facility construction
Logistics data
Package shippable Yes
Partial lot shipment on pallet 240 pcs (120 x 120 x 235 cm / 207 kg)
Number of pieces per pallet max., approx. 240 pcs (60,00 m²)
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