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Scaffolding · Foot / Base Plate · (0°/<5°)

Solid stackable base for spindle feet in yellow with reflector. Plastic shim for threaded foot plates, scaffold feet, foot spindles in scaffolding and stage construction.

  • with inclination <5°
  • 245x185x28mm | 320g
  • For spindle feet up to 150 mm
  • Load capacity up to 200kN**
  • Integrated reflector
  • Stackable with teeth
  • Your logo & color on request

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  • UFS-200KN-5-GELB
The base for spindle feet is available in two variants - without inclination 0° or with... more

The base for spindle feet is available in two variants - without inclination 0° or with inclination <5°. Stackable base or shim made of plastic in the signal color yellow with a red reflector for threaded foot plates, spindle feet, scaffold feet, scaffold spindles, foot spindles for facade scaffolds or stand scaffolds in scaffold construction and height access or stage scaffolds in stage construction for events, festivals and events (Can be combined with the base for spindle foot with <5° inclination). The yellow signal color and the integrated red reflector significantly increase visibility and thus also safety against unintentional collisions of pedestrians, passers-by, workers and vehicles against the vertical frame and/or the spindle feet of the scaffold. Especially when the scaffold is erected in public areas and / or increased safety conditions make it necessary, our scaffold pads are indispensable as a preventive safety measure to avoid collisions. 

Scaffolding pad -  variant 200kN without inclination 0°

The outer dimension of the 260 gram light pad made of polyproplylen PP plastic is 245 x 185 x 18 mm, the inner dimension is 155 x 155 x 10 mm and is therefore suitable to hold a foot spindle with a rectangular base plate of 150 x 150 mm or a round base plate with a diameter of ø 150 mm. 

Scaffolding base -  variant 200kN with inclination <5°

Solid stackable base or shim made of plastic with <5° inclination for adaptation to sloping surfaces or floors with gradients (can be combined with the base for spindle foot without inclination). Stacking the shims makes it possible to increase the angle of inclination by more than <5°. The external dimensions of the 320 gramm light polypropylene PP plastic base are 245 x 185 x 28 mm, the internal dimensions are 155 x 155 x 7-12 mm and it is therefore suitable to accommodate a foot spindle with a rectangular base plate of 150 x 150 mm or a round base plate with a diameter of ø 150 mm.

Base plank for threaded feet and spindle feet 

The clever product design allows the interlocking stacking of the carpet pad to compensate for additional height compensation or leveling on uneven surfaces. The load capacity** of the carpet pad has been successfully tested to 200 kN. If a different load capacity is required, please refer to the 180 kN version with 0°degree inclination or the< 200 kN version with 5°degree inclination of the carpet pad, which is displayed on our website as "SIMILAR ARTICLES" . In order to obtain an increased support or bearing surface with improved load distribution, we recommend our leveling plates for underpinning made of HDPE plastic or the underlay plates ULP, which can also be found under "SIMILAR ARTICLES".

What must the subfloor be like?

With regard to the subsoil or subsoil condition, we explicitly refer to the explanations of the BG BAU in the document b_113.pdf , which describes as protective measures with regard to the subsoil or subsoil condition for barrel scaffolds or standing scaffolds. Among other things, it is described here that a load-bearing substrate should be available as a contact surface for the scaffold. It also states that load-distributing pads can be used to improve the load-bearing capacity and that scaffolds should only be used with base spindles as supports. Pipes or frames should not be placed directly on the ground. Furthermore, the document stipulates that the scaffold erector or a person authorized to carry out inspections must check that the scaffold is in proper condition after completion and before it is handed over to the user. Proof of inspection protocol .  

Technical data "Scaffolding · Foot / Base Plate · (0°/<5°)"
Product data
Product category Support technique, Shims
Length, per piece (mm) 245
Width, per piece (mm) 185
Height, per piece (mm) 28
Slope (degrees / percent) <5°
Internal dimensions LxWxH (mm) 150 x150 x approx. 7 to12mm
Load capacity according to test report (≤/pc)** Yes, red, 200 kN
Weight per piece (kg) 0,320
Stackable Yes
**Notes on load capacity All data on load-bearing capacity and protective effect depend, among other things, on factors such as temperature, soil class, soil properties, soil bearing capacity, contact areas, dynamics & direction of force application, an assessment of the subsoil by the user or a soil analysis by a surveyor or geotechnical expert on the bearing capacity of the soil is recommended before each use.
Material data
Material (1) PP plastic
Color Your company color from 4480 pieces, yellow
Application data
Industries Construction & building materials trade, Scaffolding, Stage construction, Track construction & rail traffic, Events & Functions
Logistics data
Package shippable 40 pieces (600x400x210 mm | 13 kg)
Number of pieces per pallet max., approx. 1440 pieces (800x1200x2000 mm | 478 kg)
Downloads "Scaffolding · Foot / Base Plate · (0°/<5°)"
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Videos "Scaffolding · Foot / Base Plate · (0°/<5°)"
Stapelbare Unterlage für Gewindefussplatte / Spindelfuß im Gerüstbau
Gerüstbau Profis aufgepasst - Unterlegplatten für Spindelfüße
  •   mit Video
    Attention scaffolding professionals - bases for plastic spindle feet
    #383 | (9)

    Attention scaffolding professionals - bases for plastic spindle feet

    #383 | (9)

    Attention scaffolding professionals - bases for plastic spindle feet

    Shims, shims for spindle feet or threaded feet made of plastic instead of wood in scaffolding & scaffolding ✓Long-lasting ✓Pressure-resistant


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