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SignaRoad® · Ultra Heavy Duty Access Mat

SignaRoad® · Ultra Heavy Duty Access Matl for temporary trackway & platforms in even the most difficult terrain. The speed & ease of installation makes this system an absolute favorite.

  • 3000 x 2000 x 64 mm | 225 kg
  • Load capacity up to ¹260t | ²150t | ³50t **
  • Ultra robust HDPE composite material
  • Weight-saving honeycomb chamber system
  • Profiling on both sides for optimum grip
  • Load transfer thanks to overlap lips
  • Fully integrated joining technology
  • up to 120 panels / 638m² per truck
  • RFID chip with serial number identification
oder in m²
  • SR-3000-2000-64-33

Features & Highlights

Planning reliability
no matter what the weather is like
Ultra impact resistant composite
& hollow chamber honeycomb core
Proven as mobile access road
and as temporary trackway
Suitable for the construction of
wind farms and solar parks
Suitable for mast construction
and overhead line construction (OHTL)
Proven for events &
festivals as surface protection
SignaRoad ® Heavy-duty large-format 3000×2000×64 mm panels are ultra-rugged drive-over panels... more

SignaRoad® Heavy-duty large-format 3000×2000×64 mm panels are ultra-rugged drive-over panels made of extra-impact-resistant, anti-static HDPE plastic, with weight-saving hollow-chamber honeycomb structure, solid load transfer lips, fully-integrated "Lock & Go" quick-connect and anti-slip profiling on both sides. Thanks to this unique combination of features, SignaRoad® heavy-duty plates have proven themselves in countless applications over many years. SignaRoad® plastic excavator mats are the perfect solution when absolutely reliable, quick-to-install ground protection or surface protection is required and safe use for people, machinery, vehicles or equipment is paramount. 

Why SignaRoad® is the right investment to save time and money?

The Signa Road heavy-duty panels are not only a safe foundation for any project, both in the proverbial and actual sense. The SignaRoad construction road and event flooring system offers explicit advantages in terms of, durability, logistics costs, assembly costs, installation duration. The service life of the panels is well over 10 years, depending on the application. Compared to steel plates, aluminum panels or excavator mattresses, up to 638m²can betransported per truck load. For the laying no special vehicle with truck - loading crane or vacuum lifter is needed, but your employees can lay the plates with existing wheel loader or e.g. forklift easily and quickly themselves! All SignaRoad heavy duty panels have an RFID chip with a unique identification number embedded in the core of the mats. This allows for accurate inventory monitoring and easy tracking.

  • 638m² per truck load, saves logistics costs
  • Simple installation by the customer 
  • Quick installation without special equipment
  • +10 years lifetime, depending on application
  • Integrated RFID chip for tracking

What contribution does SignaRoad® to the issue of sustainability & environmental protection?

By using SignaRoad® Heavy-duty panels, you immediately help preserve the earth's most precious resources and reduce your environmental footprint. Since can carry up to 638m² per truckload, you'll save many trips, use less fuel, and therefore emit less harmful CO₂. Thanks to the stable, seamless and solid surface that SignaRoad® Heavy Duty System provides, the fuel consumption of all machines & vehicles moving on the slabs is reduced. Moreover, the same are also subjected to much less stress. As the plastic does not absorb moisture and is easy to clean, the risk of cross-contamination can be significantly reduced.  Last but not least, the plastic used can be recycled to make new products.

  • Less consumption of fuel 
  • Less emission of harmful CO₂
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination
  • High quality recyclable plastic

On which floors and weather conditions can the heavy duty panels be used?

The answer is quite simple, on almost any! There is hardly a surface on which the SignaRoad® Heavy-duty floor has not yet been laid. The range of applications extends from the solution as surface protection on concrete, asphalt, pavement, industrial floors, indoor floors, sports floors and tartan tracks, to the use as a solution for soil protection on lawns, meadows, forest paths, to the creation and development of temporary paths and surfaces on poorly load-bearing soils such as sand, silt, clay, arable soils, and even boggy soils. Thanks to the high traction provided by the anti-slip tread on both sides, safe use with high planning reliability is possible at any time of year, even in the lowest conditions.

  • Surface protection on all solid floors 
  • Floor protection on soft soils
  • Trafficability of hardly load-bearing soils
  • All year round in all weather conditions

Why are SignaRoad® Heavy-duty panels so light and yet so highly loadable?

In order to make these initially seemingly contradictory properties possible, a great deal of know-how was invested in product development, material composition and manufacturing expertise. The perfect combination of these 3 building blocks has resulted in the SignaRoad® Ground Protection, or Turf Protection or Area Protection System was created.

A special blend of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with antistatic properties and the addition of special impact modifiers was developed for the production of the heavy-duty panels. In order to save weight and at the same time increase rigidity as well as load-bearing capacity , a hollow chamber honeycomb core was incorporated into the panel following the design model from nature.

Thanks to the massive overlap lips and the "Lock and Go" connection technology, maximum load transfer or force transmission is achieved in the panel composite. Thus, the overall system in the composite carries and distributes the load, unlike steel panels, aluminum panels or excavator mattresses where the full load must be carried by each individual element.

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 
  • Impact resistant & antistatic properties
  • Honeycombs in the core modeled after nature
  • Force transfer thanks to overlapping lips 
  • The entire system carries the load

What makes the "Lock and Go" connection of the SignaRoad® Heavy duty panels so special?

In short, many things! But let's start at the beginning. Each heavy-duty plate has 10 fully integrated and thus low-wear, trip-free coupling points located in the area of the lower lip or upper lip. Once the coupling points have been placed congruently on top of each other by means of an adjustment rod, all that is required is the insertion of the "Lock and Go" connector and a) quarter turn to create a stable, level, virtually jointless and form-fitting panel bond. 

  • 20 (10+10) couplings possible per panel 
  • Fully integrated low-wear connection
  • Flat, stable & positive interlocking bond
  • Only ¼ turn per fastener required

For which applications or areas of use are heavy-duty plates recommended?

Typically, heavy-duty slabs are used wherever either high loads and/or high traffic frequency and/or soft, not particularly load-bearing soils are to be expected. Thanks to the joining system, it is possible to lay the slabs in any way as a road, path, lane, platform, surface. It is also possible to join the slabs in an offset, around a corner or as a curve in a radius without any problems. The profiled top and bottom of the slab provides the necessary grip and traction for man & machine, especially in terrain with longitudinal and/or transverse slope.

  • Mobile construction road & driveways
  • Temporary working platforms 
  • Assembly areas & storage areas
  • Temporary handling storage areas
  • Shunting areas & logistics areas
  • Crane parking areas & support areas
  • Temporary parking spaces & access roads
  • Turf protection for events & functions
  • Ground cover for stadium festivals 


Technical data "SignaRoad® · Ultra Heavy Duty Access Mat"
Product data
Product category Soil protection, Heavy duty panels
Length, per piece (mm) 2800
Width, per piece (mm) 1900
Height, per piece (mm) 64
Area per piece (m²) 5,32
Weight per piece (kg) 225
Weight per m² (kg) 42,29
Classification (TÜV/DIN/EN) UL94HB Flammability
Profiling (both sides) Yes
Profiling (by type) 1 3 mm surface profile
Profile thickness approx. (Page 1 | Page 2) 3 mm | 3 mm
Connection holes per plate 10
Types of joints / laying Baustrasse, Road, Lanes (1-lane, 2-lane, 2-lane in H-principle, multi-lane arrangement), Platform (optimal for storage areas, assembly areas, parking areas, container spaces), Half bandage (optimal for high shear forces), Offset (optimal for laying curves & radii)
Load capacity¹ - substrate fixed & dry (≤t/piece)** 260
Load capacity² - substrate unpaved & dry (≤t/pc)** 150
Load capacity³ - substrate unpaved & wet (≤t/pc)** 50
**Notes on load capacity All data on load-bearing capacity and protective effect depend, among other things, on factors such as temperature, soil class, soil properties, soil bearing capacity, contact areas, dynamics & direction of force application, an assessment of the subsoil by the user or a soil analysis by a surveyor or geotechnical expert on the bearing capacity of the soil is recommended before each use.
Compressive strength CBR test report available, please inquire, max. 400 psi
Material data
Material (1) Addition of special impact modifiers, HDPE plastic
Color Beige / Sand
Moisture absorption (%) ≦ 0,01 %
UV stabilized Yes
Chemically inactive Yes
Application data
Industries Pipeline construction & sewer rehabilitation, Heavy transport & crane work, Machine relocations & assembly, Elevated access & working platforms, Line construction & network construction, Structural & Civil Engineering, Events & functions, Civil Defense & Defense, Construction Logistics & Infrastructure, Pipeline & Pipeline Construction, Drilling sites & drilling technology, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry, OHTL (Overhead Transmission Lines), Aircraft & Aviation, Defense & Military, Horticulture & Landscaping, Track construction & rail traffic, Network construction & line construction, Pipeline construction & well sinking, Sports facility construction & leisure facility construction, Road construction & traffic route construction, Pond Construction & Hydraulic Engineering, Transport & Logistics, Events & Functions, Wind Turbines & Solar Farms, Civil defense & relief organizations
Logistics data
Transport dimensions, approx. (mm/kg) 3000x2000x64 mm | 225 kg
Transport quantity per truck, max: 120 pcs ( 638m²)
Stackable Yes
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Videos "SignaRoad® · Ultra Heavy Duty Access Mat"
SignaRoad® Schwerlastplatte - Installieren
SignaRoad® Schwerlastplatte - Produktvorstellung
SignaRoad® Schwerlastplatte - Vorteile


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