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Support Block · Stackable

Modular stackable load distribution plate, as support block / support plate for underlaying, leveling, levelling of containers, machines, devices, plants & components

  • 300x300x50mm | 4kg
  • Module milling for safe stacking
  • Available in 3 standard sizes
  • Highly loadable & pressure resistant
  • Safe stacking thanks to deep milling
  • Special sizes on request
  • High quality HDPE plastic

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  • SLP-300-300-50-MP-TF
The load distribution plates have proven themselves for support, underpinning, stability... more

The load distribution plates have proven themselves for support, underpinning, stability assurance, insulation, decoupling, venting and, of course, load distribution in countless applications. Containers, room systems, machines, equipment, components, scaffolding, platforms, precast concrete parts, vehicles, sales stands, trailers and caravans are often underlaid with these plates.

3 standard sizes in stock - individual sizes on request

The modular stackable load distribution plates made of particularly pressure-stable and heavy-duty HDPE plastic are available in 3 versions, 300x300x50mm (material thickness / core 40 mm), 300x300x60mm (material thickness 50 mm) and the solid support block in 300x300x110mm (material thickness / core 100 mm). If the standard sizes do not fit your application it is not a problem. We can produce any size up to a maximum of 4000x2000x140mm on customer request. Just use our Configurator, call us or write us a E-mail. No matter how, we are looking forward to your Contact!

Load distribution plates are modular and variable stackable

The load distribution plates are coupled or interlocked by means of a precisely fitting positive milling on one side and a negative milling on the other side of the plate. Depending on the application, either the negatively or positively milled side can be used as the top surface. Often, however, the negative milled side is used as the top surface because the negative milling provides a secure, guided and limited support. In addition, it is also possible to screw components or objects to the load distribution plate to achieve a fixation.

Load distribution block for levelling, leveling, isolating, decoupling and venting

Due to these multifunctional properties, the stackable support plates or load distribution plates have proven themselves for the simple and safe compensation of height differences, level differences and floor unevenness. Another advantage is that direct contact of an object with the substrate or the floor covering is avoided. This isolates or decouples the built-up object from the floor and protects it from dirt, water and frost, and ensures under-ventilation.

Wooden shims and concrete shims

Do you still use wooden beams, scaffolding planks, formwork boards, concrete blocks, concrete slabs or even paving stones for underlayment or support? Then you know all the disadvantages of wood and concrete. Compared to wood or concrete, plastic shims are much more durable, weather-resistant and, above all, can withstand higher loads. Compared to wood, plastic does not rot, does not splinter, does not get wet and is not attacked by fungi or the like. Thus, wood must be replaced, replaced and procured again and again. Also, like concrete, the plastic can not crack due to frost damage.

Clear advantages for the plastic load distribution plates from Securatek

Plastic load distribution panels are more durable, more weather-resistant and, above all, significantly more efficient than solutions made of wood or concrete. In comparison, they offer excellent quality, strength and very high load-bearing capacity for optimal load distribution, while having significantly smaller dimensions and dead weight. In addition, they offer high resistance to other environmental influences and chemicals, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and low moisture absorption.

Lightweight and safe to use on any floor

Load distribution plates are recommended for use on hard load-bearing floors such as concrete, asphalt, pavement, hall floors, marble, granite, tiles, etc. or other sensitive floors or those requiring protection. The underlays are particularly easy to use. On soft, unpaved floors, it is recommended to increase the contact area with the ground. For this purpose, support plates up to 600mm, crane mats up to 1200mm or driving plates up to 2400mm can be placed underneath, for example, to distribute the surface load.

Technical data "Support Block · Stackable"
Product data
Product category Container plates, Support technique
Length, per piece (mm) 300
Width, per piece (mm) 300
Height, per piece (mm) 50
Surfaces (options) Roughened
Weight per piece (kg) 4,0
Carrying handles (type) Suspension rope
Carrying handles (quantity) 1
Stackable Yes
**Notes on load capacity All data on load-bearing capacity and protective effect depend, among other things, on factors such as temperature, soil class, soil properties, soil bearing capacity, contact areas, dynamics & direction of force application, an assessment of the subsoil by the user or a soil analysis by a surveyor or geotechnical expert on the bearing capacity of the soil is recommended before each use.
Material data
Material (1) HDPE plastic
Material thickness (mm) 40
Color black (approx. 80%) + colorful (approx. 20%)
UV stabilized Yes
Chemically inactive Yes
Density (g/cm³) 0.96 g/cm³
Saturation amount of water (%) 0,01
Temperature range min/max (°C) -100 / +80
Application data
Industries Line construction & network construction, Pipeline construction & sewer rehabilitation, Heavy transport & crane work, Elevated access & working platforms, Machine relocations & assembly, Construction Logistics & Infrastructure, Civil Defense & Defense, Events & functions, Structural & Civil Engineering, Construction & building materials trade, Pipeline & Pipeline Construction, Drilling sites & drilling technology, Aircraft & Aviation, Defense & Military, Scaffolding, Stage construction, Horticulture & Landscaping, Track construction & rail traffic, Network construction & line construction, Pipeline construction & well sinking, Sports facility construction & leisure facility construction, Road construction & traffic route construction, Transport & Logistics, Wind Turbines & Solar Farms, Civil defense & relief organizations, Cities, Towns & Municipalities
Logistics data
Transport dimensions, approx. (mm/kg) 300x300x50mm | 4,00 kg
Package shippable Yes
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