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Temporary construction road for the passage of construction site vehicles in Wiesbaden with e:tek PRO Langen trackway mats

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You need a stable trackway mat to create a mobile construction road? In this reference, you will learn more about the e:tek PRO Long trackway mat and its areas of application, e.g. as a load distribution plate on a construction site. First of all, it is important to know what exactly you want to use the trackway mat for. Do you need a trackway mat to protect the substrate, which should not be loaded quite so high and with smaller dimensions? Then, for example, the e:tek 36 Lightweight trackway mat can be a solution. However, if it is clear from the outset that the Mobile access road is to be heavily loaded, e.g. by construction site vehicles, machines or similar heavy vehicles, you can go straight to our e:tek PRO. This has a total area of 3.00m2 and a load capacity of 45t per piece (15.00t perm2).

The trackway mat itself, is well suited e.g. for Create a mobile construction/driving road, a construction site platform or as a temporary access solution. The e:tek PRO prevents vehicles from sinking into the ground and getting stuck, thus protecting subsoils such as meadows, paved areas or similar. In addition, we recommend laying a soil protection fleece (GRK5) under the Mobile access road, which additionally protects the trackway mats and the subsoil against soiling.  

The e:tek PRO is easy and quick to lay out due to the 2 grip holes at the respective ends and can also be dismantled again (4 grip holes in total). Also the mutual fastening of the plates and the fastening in the ground is very easy. To do this, you need either Ground Anchor made of steel, cable ties made of PE or single connectors made of steel specifically for the area of ground protection. 

The long trackway mat can be used optimally in any season and in almost any terrain. Due to its mixed PE material, i.e. LD-PE and HD-PE (plastic), the e:tek PRO is resistant to both heat and frost, does not rot or splinter and is break-resistant. 

On the whole, it can be said that the e:tek PRO is individual and can be used in many areas. 

If you have any questions about the product e:tek PRO Long trackway mat, e:tek 36 Light trackway mat or about the accessories(floor protection fleece (GRK5),Ground Anchor made of steelcable ties made of PE or single connectors made of steel), please feel free to click on the links inserted in the text. 

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