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xtek trackway mats as paving protection mat during the redesign and renovation of the Markplatz in Stuttgart

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Inner-city construction measures in pedestrian zones pose special challenges for construction planners, construction logistics experts and municipal offices. The crux of the matter is usually the construction site equipment and site access, especially if the construction road is to meet the requirements of all stakeholders.

trackway mats, pavement protection mats and construction roads for companies in construction logistics & construction planning.

Securatek has successfully established itself in solving these problems for years and has made a name for itself. Many construction logisticians and representatives of municipal offices trust Securatek's pedestrian-friendly, pavement-protecting trackway mats and cover systems, which are suitable for heavy construction site traffic.

x:tek trackway mats made of plastic as cover system for pavement protection

For the construction project of the redesign and renovation of the market square in Stuttgart to upgrade the technical equipment and the installation of a new fountain, it was decided to use x:tek trackway mats to protect the pavement from construction site traffic. 

Inner-city reference projects in other cities were convincing

The decisive factors for the approval of the protective pavement by the authorities of the city of Stuttgart were references from similar inner-city construction projects, such as Frankfurt on the Zeil, as well as the conviction of the contractor, who was familiar with the quality and functionality of the trackway mats.

What is happening at the Stuttgart-Mitte marketplace? Overview of the construction measures for the redesign and restoration of the market square in Stuttgart.

  • Reconstruction and restoration of the historic market fountain

  • New installation of a fountain field at the square opposite the stairs of the town hall

  • New surfacing with natural stone, sampling in the first half of 2019

  • Lighting concept by Stuttgart Netze with a lighting test in March 2019

  • New technical supply / infrastructure (electricity, water, sewage) including the existing marketplace bunker

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