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x:tek 46 High-performancetrackway mats with smartGRIP and channel system


x:tek 46 Next generation high performancetrackway mats with smartGRIP the unique 3-stage profile design and the innovative channel system. Over 12 years of practical experience and 2 years of product design have gone into the development of the x:tek trackway mat made of plastic. The result is probably one of the most functional and economical trackway mats on the market. There are so many innovations and advantages in the x:tek trackway mat as in hardly any other trackway mat available on the market, that we do not know where to start first.

Complete catalog: PDF for download

Innovative trackway mats in plastic for mobile construction roads and platforms

The smartGRIP profile design is the first in the world with 3 different profile heights implemented in one profile design (0.1mm / 3 mm / 6 mm). One of the goals in the development of the tread design was to achieve the requirement that the tread works perfectly for pedestrians as well as for vehicles and construction machinery. When it comes to pedestrian traffic, the focus is on the safe, trip-free and pleasant walkability of trackway mats. For vehicles and construction equipment, on the other hand, the tread must produce maximum traction even on the most difficult terrain with severe longitudinal and/or transverse slopes under the most adverse conditions (rain, snow, mud).

Symmetrical & multidirectional profiling

Another outstanding feature of the smartGRIP tread design is the symmetrically perfectly arranged tread pattern. This symmetrical arrangement of the tread ensures that regardless of the direction of travel, the direction of use or the direction in which the trackway mats is laid, the tread pattern consistently produces the maximum possible grip - multidirectional, in other words.

Water & mud easy to clean trackway mat

The also multidirectional channel system of the x:tek trackway mats with smartGRIP was designed to effectively drain water, dirt and mud from the trackway mats barrier-free, fast and targeted. In any case, the slightly rough surface of the trackway mat reduces the adhesion of dirt, similar to the lotus blossom effect.

Stress-reduced & longer-lasting trackway mat

Due to the sophisticated design, we were also able to evenly absorb the stress in the material (HDPE plastic) caused by driving over the panels (carpet effect) and distribute it into the panel or material. This is made possible by the channel system of our design, as in the area of the multidirectional channel system the material thickness is always constant.

Sophisticated & Economical trackway mats Design

If you look closely at the smartGRIP profile, you will hardly notice a horizontal line in the profile design. Why is this important? At the latest when you or your employees have to clean the trackway mats after work you will know it. Normally, the trackway mats is placed vertically or horizontally on the edge and sprayed with a high-pressure cleaner. Dirt and water always remain on every horizontal profile element because it cannot run off. With the smartGRIP profiling you save up to 15% water, time and costs when cleaning the trackway mats.

Detailed & Optimized Features of the trackway mat 

The fact that we have really thought of all the details in the profile design can be seen when stacking trackway mats with smartGRIP profile design on both sides. The profiles do not lie congruently on top of each other, but nest or interlock with a slight offset. This effectively reduces the height by up to 25% (55 cm instead of 76 cm) and the transport volume by up to 38% (1.34 m3 instead of 1.85 m3) based on a 30-piece set trackway mats.

Lighter & easier to handle trackway mat

trackway mats made of plastic have the big advantage over all other solutions made of wood, aluminum or steel that they are much lighter (x:tek 46 = 32 kg light) and more compact (x:tek 46 = 2000 x 1220 mm). Due to these characteristics, the x:tek trackway mats are laid and coupled or connected to each other exclusively by hand. On the one hand this saves expensive machine hours, on the other hand the wheel loader or excavator can be used during this time for what it was actually made for. As a rule of thumb, you can assume the following values for the laying time of x:tek 46 high-performancetrackway mats: 30 x:tek trackway mats are laid in 30 minutes by 3 employees, depending on the connection technology used. This corresponds to a 2-lane mobile Construction Road or driveway of 30 linear meters or a Platform with a total area of just under 75 sqm.

Corner holes & center holes in the trackway mat

The x:tek trackway mats have a 12-hole system to couple or connect the individual trackway mats with each other. There is a connecting hole at each of the 4 corners of the panel, and in addition there are double center holes in the middle of the longitudinal and transverse sides of the trackway mat (4 sides with 2 holes each = 8 holes). Thus, the 12-hole system allows both longitudinal and transverse coupling of the trackway mats. It is also possible to couple the trackway mats longitudinally in a half unit. The advantage of the center holes is noticeable on very uneven, softened or rutted floors. If the x:tek trackway mats are connected to each other at the center hole by means of connection technology, no gap or height offset can occur at the transition of the plates. This reduces stress (wear) in the plate and increases the safety and cleanliness of a Platform or Construction Road produced in this way.

Practical & Cleaner trackway mat

We have deliberately dispensed with so-called finger holes, i.e. milled-out handles, because of the resulting reduced product life and unsuitability for practical use. Handle holes weaken trackway mats, so that experience has shown that they break at precisely this point. In addition, mud and sludge would be washed onto the plates when driving over trackway mats. As a result, the trackway mats become increasingly muddy and slippery and when leaving the trackway mats the mud is transferred or driven out into the public space, for example.

Transport & Logistics

When developing the x:tek trackway mats, special thought was given to construction site logistics or logistics in general. The dimensions and form factor of the x:tek trackway mats were deliberately designed to be as small as necessary and as large as possible. The result is logistics, transport and loading space optimized dimensions of 2000 mm x 1220 mm. This means that the x:tek trackway mat can be transported on almost any vehicle or trailer. For safe transport and fast unloading, we recommend our galvanized steel pallet, also optimized for transport without oversize, with folding safety brackets for rapid unloading. If this is not mobile and flexible enough for you, we have our attachable wheels for the steel pallet to be able to move it self-sufficiently without forklift, wheel loader or other vehicle.

trackway mats Sets & single sale

x:tek trackway mats are now available as sets of 6 / 10 / 20 / 30 trackway mats or as single trackway mat. Do you need a quote, price, advice or a demo appointment on site? Please call us or send us an e-mail.

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Catalog: PDF for download



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