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The s:tek 48 - high performance soil protection slab as construction site access road on a parking lot near Limburg, Germany


Now, with construction sites, it is quite possible that you have to drive over an area that has already been completed. Simply because the area behind it has not yet been completed. Construction sites have many characteristic identifying features. For example, construction sites are often mentioned in the same sentence as noise or dirt. Construction vehicles often carry dirt from the site to areas that are either finished or soon to be finished. This is in the nature of things, even if it is certainly not desired. The outside observer is disturbed by the sight, the construction worker is simply disturbed by the fact that he has to remove the dirt again at some point. Surely, besides factors such as time and money, this is also a question of bare nerves leading to use cases, as is the case in this project.

Our customer is using s:tek 48 high performance floor protection board precisely to avoid these problems. The site is located in such a way that it is impossible to go around an area that has already been completed. In this case, the slabs were laid in a staggered pattern, similar to a wall, in what is known as a half-bond, thus forming an effective pavement protection. The geotextile underneath additionally supports the protective effect by preventing even small particles, such as sand, from getting through to the ground between the slabs.

The slabs were connected by means of individual plastic connectors. In addition, the joints were reinforced with 3 mm thick steel walers. The overall result speaks for itself. A transition for driving over, which on the one hand effectively protects the freshly paved floor. On the other hand, it also prevents additional cleaning work.

By the way, the s:tek 48 is one of the most resistant slabs ever. In a not quite everyday application example, we tested the s:tek 48 under extreme conditions and documented the result in a video.

You can find the corresponding reference here!

The s:tek 48 high-performance floor protection plate has a profile on both sides (profile selectable) which is intended to prevent the plate from remaining stable and non-slip even on soft ground, such as mud or ground softened by rain.

The floor protection plate is loadable up to approx. 120 tons, therefore it was very well suitable for this project. 

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