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Securatek shows how it's done - s:tek 48 - high-performance floor protection panel as a walkway for an event in a wooded area

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True to the motto "In the thick of things instead of just being there", we were also personally on site for this project and accompanied the customer throughout the entire laying phase. The customer's idea was to lay a mobile walkway from the fairground to a T-junction in the forest, where an event was to be held by a drone squadron of the German Red Cross. We were of course happy to comply with the customer's request to use our rental offer of s:tek 48 - high-performance ground protection panels for this event.

Since some special features were already apparent in advance for this project, we seized the opportunity right away and made our way to the customer on the day of set-up. But what actually makes this project so interesting for us? Well, the Installation of s:tek 48 floor protection plates over a meadow is not really a big challenge. But the forest path or the transition to it is. Surely everyone has walked along a forest path before. It is inevitable that here not only deep hollows accompany the path, partly centimeter-high roots protrude from the ground.

And it is precisely this kind of existing soil that is the perfect test for a panel made of HDPE high-performance plastic. On the one hand, the slabs must not form any trip hazards due to the unevenness. On the other hand, the slab must be able to withstand the weather conditions and make walking on it a pleasant experience for visitors. At least as important as the comfort for the visitors, however, is the protection of the forest floor as well as the root stock.

Admittedly, laying the panels at temperatures of around 40 degrees Celsius was certainly a challenge in itself. Nevertheless, laying the s:tek 48 soil protection panels is comparatively pleasant even at these temperatures and goes quickly by hand. On the forest floor in question, the s:tek 48 was able to really show what it could do. Except for a few spots that had to be filled with so-called wood chips beforehand, the s:tek 48 panels could be laid without any problems.

With regard to the protection of the sensitive root system, a special property of the HDPE high-performance plastic also came to light, which is usually noticed only marginally, if at all. Due to the very high temperatures, the HDPE plastic softens slightly and covers the protruding roots like a protective layer. Now, one could assume that the reverse means that the plate shows unsightly deformations after use. But this is precisely not the case. The s:tek 48 - high performance soil protection panels always return to their original state when used properly and subsequently stored. No matter how much you bend them.

In retrospect, the project was not only a complete success for the customer, but also for us.

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