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Multi Sportbobden MSB10 as event floor and event area for the summer season in the Schierker Feuerstein Arena


The multifunctional arena in the beautiful Hochharz region should be a familiar name to many. It has been a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts worldwide since 1911. For decades, ice hockey was played here, ice skating took place, and even ice discos were held here. In the course of the modernization of the ice stadium, the core idea was to strengthen the variety of year-round offers in Schierke. Here, of course, the long tradition as a winter sports resort should play just as important a role as the now necessary year-round use option for the more than 180,000 overnight guests in Schierke.

Ice skating is possible in the winter months regardless of the weather thanks to the planned covered artificial ice rink measuring 25 by 56 meters and the cold plate built into the ground as well as the open-pored asphalt on top of it. But what happens to the asphalt if one plans to offer various summer sports here. Due to its structure, porous asphalt has many advantages that can be used for ice skating in winter. However, this very structure also has a serious disadvantage. Heavy loads would immediately lead to damage.

To counteract this disadvantage, a load-distributing solution is needed. And this is where our Multi Sports Floor MSB10 comes into play. The product has no less than 441 contact points per raft to distribute loads optimally and ensure perfect contact with the floor. The so-called Snap-Fit connection system allows a quick and seamless surface design with immediate readiness for use. Simply click in and you're done! The sports floor itself is designed for hard and flat floors, while the movable joint of the flow also allows inclinations of up to +/- 15°.

This allows the product to adapt to uneven floors, effectively preventing potential tripping hazards. The sports floor also has a slight damping effect (USRV 49) of approx. 6% and thus prevents additional risks of injury. It goes without saying that it is precisely this cushioning effect that also contributes significantly to a pleasant feeling when walking on it.

In addition to these basic properties that led to the selection of the Multi Sport Floor MSB10, there is another key feature that was gratefully applied in this major project. The tiles are available in a wide range of standardized colors (RAL 9022, 3020, 6002, 2008, 5010, 9011 etc.). This means that there are no limits to the individual design of the playing field.

As you can easily see in the reference pictures, our customer has laid a floor protection fleece in addition to the Multi sports floor. Although this is generally not necessary, it was expressly requested by the customer. However, the Geotextile also helps to distribute the load and protect the existing floor underneath.

If you have any further questions about the products Multi Sportboden MSB10 or about the floor protection fleece , please feel free to click on the links inserted in the text or simply give us a call. Our dedicated team will be happy to advise you!

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