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FastFloor FF10 · Multisport Floor Tiles

Proven as a temporary or permanently installed flooring system for many sports and events

  • 250 x 250 x 10 mm | 0,19 kg
  • 15 color variants similar to RAL colors
  • Indoor & outdoor variants available
  • Perforated or closed surfaces
  • Light or strong design possible
oder in m²
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  • MSB10-9011-001
Multi-Sport Floor MSB10 - Indoor & Outdoor -  0,0625 m² - 250 x 250 x 10 mm - 0,190 kg -... more

Multi-Sport Floor MSB10 - Indoor & Outdoor -  0,0625 m² - 250 x 250 x 10 mm - 0,190 kg - available in 10 RAL colors - Modular and mobile floor system or plastic floor tile for sports, fitness and leisure. The multi-sport floor or fitness floor is the functional solution for the realization of temporary or permanent multi-purpose areas. The Snap-Fit connection system allows a quick and seamless surface design with immediate readiness for use. The Multi - Sport Floor is made of PP high-performance plastic and can be used in the event and leisure industry, as well as in the sports industry. The laying unit consists of 4 single elements, which are connected by a click-connection mechanism.  The individual elements each have 16 couplings on the outer sides. The complete laying unit, i.e. 4 tiles to each other, has 32 coupling points. This connection mechanism is also called "snap-fit", because it can be connected easily and quickly and also has a 3D connection mechanism that prevents the product from coming loose horizontally and vertically. No glue is needed!

The product has 7744 drainage holes per installation unit, these make it possible that the product can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, there is the possibility to use the sports floor without drainage holes, especially for indoor use.

The surface texture of the tile is roughened. Due to the textured surface, the tile has a certain grip and thus almost resembles a hall floor.

The Multi - sports floor is especially recommended for sports such as basketball, soccer, handball, volleyball or similar. To show lines or the playing field, colors, various adhesive tapes or the like can be used.For the field of tennis, there are special tiles, which correspond to the exact dimensions of a tennis court.

Due to the variety of colors, the court can be customized and even personalized tiles can be made on request. The standard colors are black, blue, red and orange. (Colors see 1. picture of the picture gallery)

The sports floor is suitable for hard and flat floors. The movable joint (+ - 15°) of the tile makes it possible for the product floor to adapt to unevenness and thus prevent tripping hazards. The sports floor has a slight cushioning effect and thus prevents additional risks of injury.

The sports floor is resistant to bacteria and microorganisms and is also easy to clean.

Technical data "FastFloor FF10 · Multisport Floor Tiles"
Product data
Product category Soil protection, Floor systems, Floor tiles, Sports floor
Product line Multi sports floor MSB
Cover dimension L/W/H (mm) 250x250x10 mm
Cover area (m²) 0,25 m²
Length, per piece (mm) 250
Width, per piece (mm) 250
Height, per piece (mm) 10
Area per piece (m²) 0,0625 m²
Piece per m² 16
Weight per piece (kg) 0,190
Weight per m² (kg) 3,00
Suitability (soil type) Hard floors, Level floors
Load capacity¹ - substrate fixed & dry (≤t/piece)** n.a.
Surface (texture) Rough/Stump
Sliding resistance USRV 49
Perforation (type) Round hole
Drainage openings Yes
Bottom (texture) Drainage channels
Connection technology Snap-Fit
Connection points 32 couplings
Connection mechanism 3D (horizontally & vertically coupled)
**Notes on load capacity All data on load-bearing capacity and protective effect depend, among other things, on factors such as temperature, soil class, soil properties, soil bearing capacity, contact areas, dynamics & direction of force application
Material data
Material PP plastic
Material thickness (mm) 3
Color Green (RAL 6002), Black (RAL 9011), Royal blue (RAL 5010), Violet (RAL 4008), Gray (RAL 9022), Red (RAL 3020)
Thermal expansion 0.2 mm/m²/°C
Application data
Load index** Pedestrian, Wheelchair user, Cyclist
Intended use Exhibition space, Workplace mat, Events / Event, Fair / Promotion, Sports flooring
Industries End user & private customers, Sports facility construction & leisure facility construction, Events & Functions
Logistics data
Package shippable Yes
Number of pieces per pallet max., approx. 1800 pcs (112,50 m²)
Transport dimensions, approx. (mm/kg) 1200x800x1700 mm | 357 kg
Videos 6
Videos "FastFloor FF10 · Multisport Floor Tiles"
Multisportboden MSB10 Verbinden & Verlegen
Multisportboden MSB10 Deinstallieren & Rückbauen
Multi Funktionsboden MFB10 als Bodenfliese
Multisportboden MSB10 für Tennisplätze
Multisportboden MSB 10 Produktvorstellung
Multisportboden MSB10 für Fußball & Hockey
  •   mit Video
    Multi Sportbobden MSB10 as event floor and event area for the summer season in the Schierker Feuerstein Arena
    #355 | (3)

    Multi Sportbobden MSB10 as event floor and event area for the summer season in the Schierker...

    #355 | (3)

    Multi Sportbobden MSB10 as event floor and event area for the summer season in the Schierker...

    The Schierker Feuerstein Arena is known to everyone who has ever been on winter vacation in the beautiful Harz Mountains. In order to be able to use the arena optimally for events in summer and to promote tourism, our Multi Sports Floor MSB10 was installed as an event floor in multiple colors....


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