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MaxiTrack - heavy duty trackway mat - 130 t/plate loadable - overlapping system


The new MaxiTrack® Floor Protection System is one of the most revolutionary and innovative products for Create mobile construction roads, temporary access routes, assembly platforms, storage areas and many other applications. 

The 180 x 90 cm and 40kg light mats can be loaded / driven on up to 130 tons and can be easily handled and laid by just two workers without special lifting equipment or expensive crane rental. Alternatively, 4 already connected   Matteb (180 x 360 cm) can be lifted by chain or slip gekrant or .

Overlapping flanges provide maximum support, reduced slip and ensure thanks to reliable mud suppression. Unique connection technology allows thermal expansion to be managed over large areas.

The MaxiTrack heavy-duty trackway mats feature a double-sided 6 mm tread design to provide an optimal surface for any application. The SmartGrip tread design provides excellent skid resistance in all directions and is also ideal for pedestrians. The OctaGrip tread design provides maximum traction for machinery and vehicles.

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