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Follow-up article on the major project on Frankfurt's Zeil with x:tek 46, v:tek 12 and BM22 as a holistic soil protection solution

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From time to time it happens that our employees pass by projects realized with our floor protection solutions in their spare time. Well, with a project as large as the one on Germany's largest shopping mall, it's also quite difficult not to walk past it. A few months ago, our field team was already on site during the installation phase, providing direct support and advice to the customer. Even then, a set-up consisting of 3 different floor protection solutions was planned. In this context, x:tek 46 - heavy-duty driving plates were to primarily protect the area that is driven over by heavy construction equipment. Our v:tek 12 - Strong trackway mats, on the other hand, was to primarily protect the area that is used as a parking area. Last but not least, our floor mat BM22 should protect the area that has to be passed by construction workers with their usual equipment.

As can be seen after a few months of intensive use, the existing floor of the Frankfurt Zeil would have been so badly damaged in the long term and at great expense that, in principle, one construction site would have caused another. Not to mention the soiling that is usually caused by a construction site.

Due to the sensitive substrate, the trackway mats were connected to each other with our single plastic connectors. In contrast to the x:tek 46, the v:tek 12 does not have smartGRIP profiling, which consequently results in the screw head of the individual connectors protruding somewhat. In order to counteract natural wear, these have been masked off squarely.

As is typical for everyday life on construction sites, situations and circumstances change over time. Especially on construction sites, "what doesn't fit will be made to fit". Of course, this also applies to previously planned parking areas. Originally, skips and other standing equipment were to be parked on the v:tek 12 trackway mats, which can be loaded with up to 60 t. The skips and other standing equipment were to be parked on the v:tek 12. But if the planned space is no longer sufficient, you have to switch to other areas. However, this only works if proper planning is done in advance. Of course, the x:tek 46 heavy-duty track pads, which have a higher load-bearing capacity of approx. 25 t, allow this to be done without further ado.

The fact that we have obviously done our job well is proven by the fact that we are once again supplying the floor protection solutions for the current construction sites on the Zeil. This time, however, primarily our most innovative product, the x:tek 46 - high-performance driving plate. Due to the so-called SmartGRIP profile design, this plate is unique worldwide, as it works perfectly for pedestrians as well as for construction machines. Which should be the be-all and end-all, especially for construction sites in inner-city areas. The x:tek 46 trackway mats was only laid in the middle of the shopping mile, as this is where construction traffic is mainly expected. Nevertheless, passers-by will also cross the area. So what works for construction machinery is not necessarily suitable for pedestrians. The same applies vice versa, of course. And it is precisely at this point that the x:tek 46 offers the ultimate.

Due to its low dead weight of approx. 32 kg, Installation can be easily lifted by hand with just two people. Even cutting the trackway mats to size is possible, if desired. The HDPE plastic used can be easily processed with any tool that cuts, grinds or saws.

On the outer sides of the shopping mall, where passers-by rather than construction site equipment are to be expected, the tried-and-tested BM22 floor mat is used, which already provided faithful service during the construction of the Upper Zeil.


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