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SmartStore · Corner Bracket 700 mm

Rigid or foldable corner brackets made of galvanized steel for load securing of driving plates and floor protection plates. Compatible and screwable with all SmartStore steel pallets.

  • 4 corner brackets recommended per steel pallet
  • Compatible with SmartStore steel pallets
  • Fast & flush stacking of drive plates
  • Saves space on the loading area and in the warehouse
  • Improves load securing immediately
  • Easy to install thanks to bolting
  • High quality galvanized steel

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  • SS-EW-700-ST
SmartStore corner brackets made of galvanized steel are compatible with all SmartStore steel... more

SmartStore corner brackets made of galvanized steel are compatible with all SmartStore steel pallets. The 700 mm high corner angle can be easily attached and replaced on all four corners of the steel pallets by means of double bolting. We recommend using 4 SmartStore corner brackets per SmartStore steel pallet. This combination ensures that the moving plates can be stacked flush in the transport box and thus  can also be transported securely against slipping. In addition, this not only saves space on the loading area of the transport vehicle, but also valuable storage space when storing the moving panels.

What are the advantages of the folding corner brackets?

Thanks to the folding corner brackets, moving panels can be laid and stowed away much more quickly. Simply open the corner brackets, pull down the panels, and you're done. The panels no longer have to be lifted out of the panel box by two men. The corner brackets also make it much easier to push the panels back flush and securely into the panel box. This not only saves time and energy, but also makes employees happy! Your colleagues on the construction site will particularly appreciate it. The folding angle can be attached to either the long side or the short side of the SmartStore steel pallet, depending on which side the panels are to be removed from. The following overview shows which corner brackets have to be ordered to achieve the "folding configuration".

  • 2 x corner brackets 700 mm, rigid
  • 1 x corner angle 700 mm, foldable left side
  • 1 x corner angle 700 mm, folding right

How many moving panels can be transported with the corner angle 700 mm?

This always depends on the thickness of the panels. The decisive factor is whether the driving plates are profiled or not and whether the profile of the plates face each other or nest into each other. The following list is based on driving plates without profile and is to be understood as a guideline. Ideally, at least 4-6 cm of the angular height in the upper area should be left unused, as it may happen that the driving plates with adhering mud & sludge have to be placed in the driving plate box. In addition, safe stacking of filled driving plate boxes on top of each other is no longer possible without restrictions.

  • max. 65 driving plates a 10 mm thickness
  • max. 55 driving plates a 12 mm thickness
  • max. 45 moving panels a 15 mm thick
  • max. 30 moving panels a 20 mm thick 

Faster dismantling of track panels and tracks

Further advantages of using the SmartStore transport solution arise when stacking or inserting the panels back into the panel box, as the corner brackets provide a precisely fitting and flush stop. This eliminates the need for constant manual determination or sensing of whether the panels are really 100% flush on the pallet or not, especially when panels or floor protection panels cannot be pushed due to their profiling.

  • Facilitates flush stacking of driving plates
  • Prevents oversize due to inaccurate stacking
  • Saves space on the transport area and in the warehouse
  • Slip-proof transport of moving panels
Technical data "SmartStore · Corner Bracket 700 mm"
Product data
Product category Soil protection, Accessories
Product type Transport / Storage
Compatibility Compatible with all SmartStore steel pallets
Length, per piece (mm) 150
Width, per piece (mm) 150
Height, per piece (mm) 700
Weight per piece (kg) 7,00
Material data
Material (1) Steel, galvanized
Material thickness (mm) 5
Application data
Logistics data
Package shippable Yes
Videos 9
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