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s:tek 48 high-performance soil protection slab as mobile construction road for pipeline construction near Creußen, Bavaria

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In this reference, with the help of the s:tek 48 high-performance soil protection plates, sewer work in Schwürz, Creußen in Bavaria was supported by our mobile construction road. The soil protection plates can be used in many areas of sewer work e.g. in rehabilitation procedures such as pipe rehabilitation or manhole garnishing, sealing procedures or generally in pipeline construction.

Soil protection plates for water boards & wastewater associations 

The s:tek soil protection plates offer many advantages, they protect against soiling of work paths, driving grooves/tracks, the meadow is generally not damaged and the getting stuck of e.g. construction site vehicles is avoided. Our ground protection panels are suitable for both temporary and permanent use.

Preventing pavementdamage during sewer rehabilitation, pipe rehabilitation, manhole rehabilitation & sewer work

The soil protection plates are made of HDPE plastic, which makes the construction road resistant to weather and temperature. Among other things, the soil protection plates are extremely flexible, which allows them to adapt to the ground, and remarkably elastic, which not only provides resistance to breakage, but also shows a resilient and stretching effect. When the load is relieved and the plate is properly stored, it returns to its original shape, so to speak. (You can also read this in the TÜV test reports )

Rustchhemmende trackway mats to improve work safety 

Another protection against slipping on the slab, e.g. in case of rain or muddy surfaces, are the structural profilings on both sides. We offer 3|0 mm, 8|0 mm, 8|3 mm and 8|8 mm profiles (radius, surface and rough/blunt profiling).

Easy to lay by hand and join without tools

To connect the floor protection panels with each other, recommend single connectors and  double connectors made of steel. These are not absolutely necessary, but they keep the plates in the track or surface and provide a better localization.

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