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Update to our article "Fixed free run at a horse boarding with the Paddock Plate PP60"


You have to take a closer look at very special projects! So we used the first warm days of this year to take a closer look at a customer project. After we received reference pictures of a large project with the Paddock Plates PP60 from our customer, we could hardly stop marveling. What we got to see in the pictures was by far one of the best large-scale application projects with the Paddock Plate PP60 we have seen in a long time. We were very happy to accept the customer's invitation to view the project "live" and recorded our impressions once again with pictures and video footage.

Of course, we were not only on site for the visual aspects. Of course, we were particularly interested in the technical conditions as well as the experiences with the Installation and the application of the PP60. Improvement and innovation are most likely to occur when a product is actively dealt with. In this respect, such and similar projects provide invaluable information. As we could see from the conversation, the Installation was comparatively simple and there were no complications worth mentioning. The fact that the PP60 was particularly appreciated on the slope should be emphasized. As you can imagine, slippage of the slabs would be pre-programmed here in particular. This is remedied by 16 massive anchor elements that penetrate approx. 4.0 cm into the ground. The bulk material can be distributed well and slips only insignificantly, if at all, on the slope.

But is everything only positive?  Of course not! We don't visit our customers just to be showered with praise. Especially important for us to know are the things that can be improved. And indeed, there were some comments here.

Since the plastic of the Paddock Plate PP60 is sharp-edged in places, gloves should definitely be worn when laying it. In stony subsoil, the PP60 cannot always be applied 100% flat to the subsoil due to the anchor elements. It is therefore not possible to avoid the prior removal of stones or the creation of a substructure.

On behalf of Securatek GmbH & Co KG, we would like to thank our customer for all the useful information we were able to obtain.

If you have any questions about the product Paddock Plate PP60 , here are links to the data sheet PP60 & installation instructions PP60.

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