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Stabilized gravel surfaces & gravel paths around house & yard with the Ground Grid BG30

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Ground Grid made of plastic for a beautiful, functional design of gravel paths and gravel areas around and around the house, yard and garden. We are particularly enthusiastic about the coherence of the entire design. Materials, colors, surfaces and shapes of the entire installation blend into a harmonious overall picture.

In addition to all these visual and design aspects, the Ground Grid used for these surfaces and paths fulfills several important functions at once. The Ground Grid stabilizes the filled gravel (gravel stabilization) and ensures that this is not displaced by driving over the areas. Another positive side effect is that less gravel has to be added. The maintenance and upkeep of the gravel surfaces produced in this way is considerably reduced.

At the same time, the plastic Ground Grid serves to absorb the load and distribute it evenly to the substrate. With an appropriately load-bearing substructure, ruts and Trackways are effectively avoided. As also clearly visible in this reference, a weed fleece was laid before laying the floor grid to inhibit weed growth on the ground side. For this reason, we recommend the Installation of our weed fabric for all newly laid gravel surfaces and gravel paths.

Nowadays it is more and more common to see areas and paths around the house, yard, garden and property being redesigned. Away from sealed and paved surfaces, towards stabilized and unsealed surfaces. The reason lies mostly in the fact that one would like to save local charges and Gebühen (sealing fee), on the other hand in the new possibilities of the surface organization. has specialized its product program exactly on this task and offers an optimal product solution for almost every application situation and/or design desire. We would be happy to advise you on your project. Please also use our large reference area to look at further examples. Let us inspire you...

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