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Spontaneous "recovery action" of a 40t truck with the Secu XL150 heavy duty construction road on a soggy meadow

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The following example shows an unusual application of the Secu XL150 - heavy-duty construction road. A truck got stuck while maneuvering on the company premises. By using the Secu XL150 heavy-duty construction road, the vehicle was quickly able to resume driving. The ground was very softened by rain and not suitable for heavy vehicles. A short carelessness then led to the present situation.

The task now was to create a firm base so that the truck's tire could grip again and not spin. With the heavy-duty construction road Secu XL150 this was quite easy to realize. Without additional transport machines, moving the Secu XL150 is possible by pure "man power". The arrow-shaped stud design reduces unwanted sideways movements and thus specifically prevents slipping away. 

The plate was placed under the vehicle in the tank area to give the right front wheel "grip" when backing up. Thanks to the bolt connector, it would have been possible to create an additional rigid connection between individual plates to make slipping away even more difficult. In this case, simply laying the Secu XL150 between the two front axles was sufficient. The rest is then just pure driving.


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