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Rubberized Outrigger Pads / plastic support plates for load distribution

  • Abstützplatten aus Kunststoff für Teleskop-Radlader 1 / 9
  • Stützfußplatten mit gummierter Unterseite zum Schutz des Untergrund, Boden und Pflaster 2 / 9
  • Stützplatten aus Kunststoff zur Lastverteilung für Stützfüße von Maschinen, Geräten und Fahrzeuge 3 / 9
  • Gummierte Unterlegplatten aus Kunststoff in Standardgrößen oder individuell nach Kundenvorgabe 4 / 9
  • Bodenschonende Lastverteilplatten aus Kunststoff zum Abstützen von Stützfüßen von Geräten, Maschinen, Fahrzeugen und Wechselbrücken 5 / 9
  • Abstützplatten, Stützfußplatten, Stützplatten, Unterlegplatten, Lastverteiplatten aus Kunststoff. 6 / 9
  • Abstützplatten für Teleskop Radlader im ITC Graf Trainingscenter für Arbeitsschutz und Gesundheitsschutz. 7 / 9
  • Negativbeispiel: Teleskop Radlader ohne Abstützplatten zur Lastverteilung auf eine Kanaldeckel / Schachtdeckel platziert 8 / 9
  • Positivbeispiel: Gummierte rutschhemmende und bodenschonende Abstützplatten zur Lastverteilung auf Pflastersteinen 9 / 9

Outrigger Pads made of plastic enable safe and solid support and load distribution  of vehicles, equipment, machines, containers or other objects, especially also on soft and poorly load-bearing floors. In addition, rubberized plastic plates are suitable for floor-protecting support on hard floors such as concrete, asphalt, pavement or other hard sensitive or solid floors. In addition to supporting and distributing loads, however, the focus here is on protecting the floor, subsoil and pavement.  

In which sizes are Outrigger Pads available?

Standard sizes for Outrigger Pads

The following standard sizes are available in Securatek's standard delivery program:

  • 300 x 300 x 30 mm
  • 400 x 400 x 40 mm
  • 500 x 500 x 50 mm
  • 500 x 500 x 50 mm
  • 600 x 600 x 60 mm

Special sizes for Outrigger Pads

Upon request, we can manufacture Outrigger Pads to the millimeter according to customer specifications.

  • Length: maximum 4000 mm
  • Width: maximum 2000 mm
  • Height: maximum 140 mm
  • Rubber coating / anti-slip: maximum 50 mm 
  • Deep milling for stamp foot: according to specification
  • Logo milling: according to specification
  • Carrying handles / crane eyes: according to customer specification

What are the advantages of Outrigger Pads made of plastic? 

Outrigger Pads made of plastic (PE) are more durable, weather-resistant and, above all, significantly more efficient than Outrigger Pads made of wood. In comparison, they offer excellent quality, strength and very high load-bearing capacity for optimum load distribution, while at the same time having significantly smaller dimensions and dead weight 

Outrigger Pads are available in many different types, variations and materials. But if you compare the individual raw materials with each other, it is noticeable that the support plate made of HDPE plastic is by far the best among them. It not only has a long service life, but also weather resistance and high performance. The low-wear plastic made of PE HD 500 is particularly efficient, durable and is resistant to moisture, acids and oils.

Rubberized Outrigger Pads with anti-slip for greater protection and safety.

Securatek Outrigger Pads made of plastic are optionally available or can be ordered with or without anti-slip rubber coating on the underside. The rubber coating increases  on the one hand the Rustchhhemmung and/or place-binding Outrigger Pad on the underground and thus the stability of the machine. At the same time, the base is cushioned and protected from pressure and scratches. 

Individual Outrigger Pads desired? Configure here!

Use our product configurator for Outrigger Pads. Enter configuration, send, receive offer!

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