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Prevention of field damage on a field with the s:tek 48 - high performance soil protection plate

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It is not at all unusual for network services to drive across a field from time to time. For example, to reach an overhead line mast. The operation of energy supply networks is a thoroughly complex subject. For example, it is important for plant or network operators to ensure that their low- or medium-voltage lines always function properly. A flawless power supply is a basic need of modern society. To ensure that this very basic need is not compromised, maintenance of the power-carrying equipment is essential. This, in turn, not infrequently places the network services in situations where they have to travel over impassable terrain. Likewise, it may be necessary to drive over a private area. Here, preventive action should be taken against damage to the land. Who wants to risk a lawsuit from the owner of the land!!! For such and similar measures, the s:tek 48 - high performance floor protection plate is of course ideally suited. With their freely selectable profile structures of 8mm radius profile and/or 3mm surface profile is the s:tek 48 for pretty much each only conceivable problem case suitably.

In this customer project, a field had to be driven over in order to carry out work on an overhead line pylon. For this purpose, the s:tek 48 was laid as an unpaved Mobile access road and connected to each other with single connectors and double connectors. The advantage of unpaved mobile tracks is that the track width can be varied as required. The disadvantage, however, is that the panels can slip sideways. To prevent this, the two Trackways are connected to each other with an additional s:tek 48 approximately after every third component.

Due to its own weight of approx. 41 kg, the s:tek 48 can also be laid without any problems without additional equipment, simply by hand!

If you still have questions regarding the product  s:tek 48 high performance floor protection panel , then you will find further information in the TÜV test reports or the reference catalog, you are also welcome to click on the links inserted in the text.

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