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Plastic edging as lawn edge or bed edge for planting areas

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This reference is also suitable as installation instructions for the RE60 plastic edging. Here, the edging was used as a lawn edge or bed edge to separate the planting area and lawn. The Installation of the edging is very simple, only a hammer and the appropriate ground nails are needed. In this reference, we additionally worked with a weed fabric or weed fleece to suppress the growth of weeds or similar in the later made gravel bed.

In the first work step, the edging was laid upside down on the lawn as a circle. This made it very easy to dig out the lawn with a spade to fit exactly. In this example, the lawn was excavated to a depth of approx. 4 cm so that the 6 cm high edging is approx. 2 cm above the ground. The plant hole was then excavated and the plant/tree inserted and lightly covered with soil.

Before Installation the edging, the weed fleece was first cut and laid. Next, the flexible edging was placed in a circle around the tree and fixed in the ground using soil nails. It is best to use 2 people to lay the edging when making such a tight circle.

Now the decorative ornamental gravel could be filled and distributed in the inner circle laid with weed fleece. With the edging, the lawn is now visually cleanly separated from the gravel-covered planting area. For this reason, the edging is also very often colloquially referred to as lawn edge, bed edge or mowing edge.

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