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Parking lot turf with the Grass Paver RGS35 plastic instead of gravel turf

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Production of a parking lot lawn with the Grass Paver RGS35 made of plastic instead of gravel turf. There are many different approaches to turning an existing lawn / meadow into a permanent parking space that can be used all year round. The biggest challenge is the weather, especially in the wet and humid season. The wetter the ground, the lower the load-bearing capacity of the soil. In plain language, this means the lawn or meadow becomes a mogul slope with many dents, holes and puddles.

Also, the roots of the lawn are damaged or destroyed by compaction, which can inevitably lead to bare, sparse and unsightly lawns. But how do you solve the problem? With a gravel lawn? No, quite simply, as in this customer example with the Grass Paver RGS35 plastic!

In the first work step, the future lawn parking area was measured and marked. The lawn was completely mowed and the topsoil loosened. (Before laying the Grass Paver RGS35, we recommend sowing lawn seed in the loosened topsoil. Next, the first rows of Grass Paver RGS35 plastic were laid flush against the existing paved surface. Row after row was laid in this manner until the area was completely covered with the Grass Paver. 

Finally, the Grass Paver was to be placed in the loosened topsoil. For this purpose, it is advisable to use a vibratory plate or vibrating plate for larger areas, as is the case here. Only by vibrating the Grass Paver into the topsoil does the parking lot thus produced obtain its strength and durability.

The Grass Paver is not inserted thus, but brought on the existing, this new installation method (On Top shifting) saves in the comparison to lawn grating stones from concrete or to conventional lawn honeycombs from plastic aufw?ndige and expensive earthwork including production of a load-carrying substructure. Thus, if the total costs and total duration are compared, the slightly higher material price of the Grass Paver RGS35 will almost no longer play a role at the latest when the execution costs are added.

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