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Mobile construction road for protecting the subsoil on a lakeshore with the s:tek 48 high-performance soil protection panels

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In this reference, our high performance ground protection panels from the s:tek product line, were used to protect against pollution and to provide safe access to a lakeshore as a temporary construction road.

The s:tek high performance ground protection panels are made of HDPE plastic, which is not only extremely strong, but also provides safety to the object on it. The plate is extremely flexible and elastic, which make it possible to adapt to the ground. This means that the Mobile Construction Road can be used on just about any surface or ground. In addition, the floor protection plate has a selectable profiling on both sides. You can choose between 8|8 mm, 8|3 mm, 8|0 mm, 3|0 mm profile (8 mm radius, 3 mm surface and 0 mm rough/truncated profile).

In addition, the s:tek high performance floor protection panel has a load capacity of 120 t/m2. This enables the mobile construction road system to carry not only people and cars, but also machinery, construction equipment, trucks, excavators, and more.

Our  s:tek 48 floor protection panel has a dead weight of 41 kg/pc and is therefore easy to lay. To make laying easier, we have accessories such as hand hook, accessory case, single steel connector, double steel connector and many more. For example, the hand hook  , simplifies laying by dragging and laying out the ground protection panels behind you, as well as when dismantling the mobile construction road. As can be seen in the pictures, Joiner was not used. You don't have to use Joiner, however, we recommend it, as they guarantee the stability and staying together of the trackway mats.

We have many different Joiner and other accessories in our product range, you can find them in the product view or under the category floor protection - accessories.

If you still have questions regarding the product s:tek 48 high performance floor protection plate, then you can find more information in the TÜV test reports, the reference catalog or the s:tek 48 product view, also feel free to click on the links inserted in the text.

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