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Like an advertisement for a Mallorca vacation that can our Gravel Grid KG30

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In Spain, gravel driveways and paths are common. But how do you manage to keep the gravel surface looking good when cars are driving on it? We recently received these pictures of a customer project from Mallorca, where the Gravel Grid KG30 was used to design the driveway of a finca. One could almost think that this is an advertisement for a vacation in Mallorca, but it is actually a customer project. Surely not everyone owns such a property, yet every homeowner can conjure up a similarly beautiful ambience in his garden, front yard or driveway. With such and similar projects, with which a driveway is to be arranged, it concerns in the first place, apart from an optical highlight, to avoid also future ruts of vehicles.

Undoubtedly, one can imagine that once such a project is completed, one would be extremely reluctant to see the perfect image turn into something contrary. Driving, walking or maneuvering on the surface, unpaved gravel surfaces usually create unsightly marks. An absolute "no-go"!

And this is exactly where the Gravel Grid KG30 comes into play. It is the perfect solution when it comes to creating a gravel surface that can be walked on and driven over at any time. The Gravel Grid KG30 enables a highly stable and unsealed surface design under all weather conditions. Even during heavy rainfall, the rainwater is immediately drained into the ground. Thus, in a natural way, the accumulation of rainwater in places is reliably reduced.

The Installation of the gravel grid is very simple. With dimensions of 580 × 580 mm and a dead weight of 900 gr, you do not necessarily have to be a Hercules to achieve adequate results here in a short time. Moreover, the Gravel Grid can be machined and trimmed with any tool that cuts, grinds or saws. This makes it child's play to create curved surfaces.

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