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Installation of a mobile walkway with the stek48 high performance floor protection panels for Hessentag 2019 in Bad Hersfeld

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The largest and oldest state festival in Germany is the well-known Hessentag. Every year, this traditional festival takes place in a different Hessian city. This year Bad Hersfeld was host to over 850,000 celebrating people. With such a large number of visitors, the parking facilities in the city center quickly reach their limits, which is not really surprising. The city centers are cordoned off during the festivities anyway.

To counteract wild, indiscriminate parking and the resulting traffic chaos, the cities usually use private meadows or fields. In Bad Hersfeld, the location also meant that the streams of visitors had to be directed from the temporary parking lot across a field to the shuttle service, which in turn chauffeured the visitors into the city center. And it was precisely here that the city of Bad Hersfeld again faced a problem, namely the route on foot across the aforementioned field.

On the one hand, after more than a week and several visitors, the private field would have resembled a battlefield, which would inevitably have led to follow-up costs for the city. On the other hand one considers the fact that one would like to run as a visitor probably extremely unwillingly over a muddy field. Especially not if one is dressed in a ceremonial manner.

The solution to these problems is also very simple. With the s:tek 48 - high performance ground protection plate, a temporary walkway can be created in a short time and with comparatively little effort Create. This not only ensures that people can reach their destination safely and without getting their feet wet, but also protects the existing floor from unwanted damage.

The s:tek48 soil protection panels are usually connected in soft soil conditions, as in this case on a field, using single and double steel connectors. However, since the city authorities have very strict ideas regarding the avoidance of possible tripping hazards, a rather more unusual way of connecting the panels had to be used after the first inspection by the city.

Instead of double connectors made of steel in the middle of the tread, single connectors made of plastic were used instead. Single connectors made of plastic are actually intended more for solid floors, but have the advantage that they do not form an elevation. On the other hand, they take longer to install than single connectors made of steel, which are simply plugged in. Here, an additional amount of work must be planned for attaching the screws. To compensate for the additional time required, our team was on site in person to provide advice and assistance to the contractor responsible.

If you have any further questions about the product   s:tek 48 high-performance floor protection panel or the various connection techniques , please feel free to click on the links inserted in the text or simply give us a call. Our team will be happy to advise you!

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