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Ground Grid for unsealed gravel stabilization of a storage yard / storage area

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The heavy-duty Ground Grid BG50 made of plastic, is the first choice when it comes to the unsealed construction of intensively used and highly frequented in the areas in the water protection area. This is exactly the reason why the Ground Grid was installed for the outdoor storage / open-air warehouse of a company.

Since the storage area is located in a water protection area, the requirements for the Ground Grid were clearly defined. The Ground Grid must be highly permeable to water, it must not seal the soil, it must stabilize the gravel, it must improve the load-bearing capacity of the soil, it must be trafficable and withstand the daily continuous load of a forklift truck steering on the spot. 

In order to allow a quick and reliable drainage of the ballast site, drainage trenches were first made, which were lined with drainage fleece and then drainage ballast and drainage pipes were laid.

Afterwards, the drainage trenches were closed again and the laying bed for the Ground Grid could be started. In this reference, it was decided to use basalt gravel with a grain size of 8/11 mm for both the bedding and the subsequent backfilling of the Ground Grid. 

After the laying bed had been produced, the laying of the Ground Grid could be started. In the delivery stand, 4 Ground Grid (1.33 sqm) were already coupled or pre-assembled, so that the laying of around 300 sqm of Ground Grid was completed in less than 60 minutes.

Backfilling the Ground Grid was just as quick thanks to the excavator. The excavator spooned the ballast onto the Ground Grid and the workers spread the ballast.

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