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Decorative and functional redesign of the drivable forecourt of a driving school with the Gravel Grid KG30

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Gravel instead of asphalt! Decorative and functional redesign of the drivable forecourt of a driving school. The forecourt should look beautiful and natural. So it was clear that the asphalt surface had to be removed to create a nicely designed gravel forecourt. Thanks to the gravel, the forecourt was also unsealed at the same time. Rainwater and condensation can thus seep into the subsoil in a natural way.

As positive as the ecological contribution of unsealed surfaces with gravel and crushed stone is, the problem remains that gravel and crushed stone are loose bulk materials.

In plain language, this means that unsightly "holes" or "ruts" can form in an unstabilized gravel or crushed stone surface. To solve this problem, there are products that stabilize the gravel or crushed stone in the long term. To solve exactly this problem, the Gravel Grid KG30 made of plastic from securatek was installed in this customer reference.

The cells or honeycombs of the Gravel Grid KG30 prevent the filled gravel from being displaced sideways/horizontally and prevent ruts from forming in the first place. The micro-perforated base plate of the Gravel Grid KG30 prevents the filled gravel from migrating downwards / vertically into the subsoil. The beautiful appearance is maintained and the maintenance of the gravel surface of the area is effectively reduced because no gravel must be refilled. 

Design-wise, there are almost no limits. Gravel, crushed stone or chippings in all imaginable colors can be filled into the Gravel Grid. The recommended grain size should be between 5 mm and 20 mm.

Gravel honeycomb KW30 or gravel mat KM30

Alternatively, the white gravel honeycomb KW30 or the black gravel mat KM30 (ideal for dark gravel, gravel or chippings) are recommended for stabilizing gravel surfaces or gravel paths. To find out which product is best suited for your project/project, our Secuartek consultants are always happy to assist you! 

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