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Floor mats instead of wooden floor as an insulating floor for a garden shed

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In this customer project, the BM44 floor mat was installed as an alternative to a wooden floor for a garden shed. According to the customer, the decisive factor was the many advantages of plastic compared to wood. The main reason for purchasing the plastic floor mats, he said, was their insensitivity to moisture. In other words, the floor mats cannot rot because of the material.

On top of the compacted crushed stone bed, a laying bed of sand was drawn off to Create a subgrade (flat surface). This is recommended to ensure that the floor mats themselves and the garden house, which will later stand on the floor mats, are in the "balance". Thus, piece by piece, the floor mats were laid in the sand. The fact that the underside of the floor mats consists of a load-distributing ring structure allowed the floor mats to be laid snugly and securely in the sand bed.

The floor mats among themselves are securely coupled or connected by the rebate groove (tongue & groove) displacement. Compared to jigsaw joints, the rebate groove has the advantage that no moisture is allowed to pass through in the horizontal direction. This means that no soil moisture can rise or no liquids can seep through the floor mats from above.

After the base area was completely covered with the floor mats, the garden house could be placed on the laid floor mats. The floor mats have two functions. On the one hand, they serve as a load-distributing floor plate, and on the other hand, as a heat- and cold-insulating floor covering for the garden house itself.

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