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FastFloor floor mat for protection of a cobblestone & mosaic

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In this customer project, the floor mat FF44 was installed to protect a historic cobblestone and a valuable mosaic during a building restoration / renovation phase. Unfortunately, we did not receive more photos, but would still like to share them with you due to the special application. Our customer had to make sure that the construction work would not cause any damage to the floor, neither by ground settlement nor that the surface would be scratched.

In order to avoid this damage to the ground or pavement, our customer decided to use a special structure. A geotextile was used as a separating layer at the bottom. The soft geotextile or Geotextile protects the cobblestones and mosaic from friction and scratches.

A sand bedding was spread on top of the geotextile to even out the unevenness of the cobblestone. This is recommended in order to create a flat, even and leveled support for the floor mats, as these must distribute the occurring loads as optimally as possible in order to avoid ground settlements.

The floor mats were then laid on the sand. The 44 mm thick floor mats are made of a soft PVC and are therefore slip-resistant, shock-absorbing and load-distributing. The top side also has profiling to allow safe use by both pedestrians and machinery.

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