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Shim with deep milling

Durable & robust alternative made of plastic instead of wood, as load-distributing & protective base for spindle feet or threaded feet in scaffolding construction

  • 240x240x30mm | 1,6 kg
  • Deep milling for spindle feet
  • Pressure stable & load distributing
  • Durable & Robust
  • Weather resistant
  • No softening & splintering
  • HDPE plastic

Tieffräsung auswählen:

  • ULS-240-240-30-TF170
Technical data "Shim with deep milling"
Product data
Product category Container plates, Support technique, Shims
Length, per piece (mm) 240
Width, per piece (mm) 240
Height, per piece (mm) 30
Deep milling (mm) 170x170x8mm
Surfaces (options) Roughened
Weight per piece (kg) 1,60
**Notes on load capacity All data on load-bearing capacity and protective effect depend, among other things, on factors such as temperature, soil class, soil properties, soil bearing capacity, contact areas, dynamics & direction of force application, an assessment of the subsoil by the user or a soil analysis by a surveyor or geotechnical expert on the bearing capacity of the soil is recommended before each use.
Material data
Material (1) HDPE plastic
Material thickness (mm) 30
Color black / anthracite
Saturation amount of water (%) 0,01
Application data
Industries Civil Defense & Defense, Elevated access & working platforms, Construction & building materials trade, Structural & Civil Engineering, Events & functions, Construction machinery trade & construction equipment trade, Construction Logistics & Infrastructure, End user & private customers
Logistics data
Transport dimensions, approx. (mm/kg) 240x240x30mm 1,6 kg
Package shippable Yes
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