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Container Pad · Roll on / Roll off

Plastic container plates as shims for container installation to protect against mechanical impact from roll-off containers & skip containers.

  • 600x300x88mm | 9,5kg
  • Loadable up to max. ca. 70t**
  • Anti-slip rubber underside
  • Reduces noise emissions
  • Against scratches on the floor
  • Pavement & asphalt protection
  • Special dimensions freely configurable

Choose option:

  • ASP-CON-PRO-600-300-88-AR8

Eigenschaften & Highlights

Schütz zuverlässig
Böden & Oberflächen
Reduziert effektiv
Schnell & leicht per
Hand auszulegen
Extrem druckstabil
& hochbelastbar
& langlebiger Kunststoff
Kein Aufweichen & Splittern
Plastic container plates as underlay plates for container installation to protect against... more

Plastic container plates as underlay plates for container installation to protect against mechanical impact by roll-off containers & skip containers and serve to effectively reduce noise emissions. Our container plates made of high-quality HDPE plastic are extremely pressure-resistant, break-resistant and have a strong load-distributing effect. So they have exactly the properties you need to place even heavily loaded roll-off containers safely and easily even on a soft surface. Everyone knows that containers need a solid and firm base, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

Mobile container plates made of plastic, the safe solution for the placement of containers

The HDPE plastic used  (High density polyethylene) is extremely pressure-resistant, robust, low-wear and therefore very durable, despite its low dead weight. At the same time, the plastic is temperature-resistant, weatherproof, does not absorb water, does not rot and does not splinter. The excellent sliding properties of the plastic are particularly helpful for holding the container rollers in the recess provided for this purpose, but are a hindrance as the underside of the container plate, especially on asphalt. Your roll-off and skip truck drivers will love the easy and mobile handling thanks to the built-in handle. It has never been easier to lay out or stow the container plates.

Advantages of the anti-slip rubber coating on the bottom of the container plate

The anti-slip rubber coating is the special highlight of our container plates. The rubber coating fulfills 3 important mechanical functions. Firstly, the rubber reduces possible slipping of the container plates on solid floors such as asphalt, paving stones, concrete floors, hall floors or coated industrial floors, and secondly, it has a strong shock-absorbing effect. In addition, the rubber coating effectively helps to avoid scratches or marks on solid, sensitive floors and floor coverings. Thus, the subfloor is reliably protected and you can set down your skips as damage-free as possible, regardless of the location.

  • Reduces slipping of the container plates
  • Prevents scratches in the floor
  • Has a strong shock absorbing effect

Rubberized container plates reduce unwanted noise when setting down containers

Thanks to the 8mm thick "cushion" made of rubber, there is significantly less noise or sound when the container is set down or rolled onto the container plate, instead of on the normal ground as is usually the case. This acoustic advantage is appreciated by  container services, which regularly have to place their containers as quietly as possible in densely populated areas and in urban environments without noise emissions, confirms Ralf Deusing from and

Container plates in standard sizes or in individual special dimensions

Our standard sizes of the container panels are optimally and precisely made to fit the load capacity and roll size of common container systems . If you do not find the right size, it is not a problem! Just contact us Contact call us, send us an e-mail with a sketch or E-mail with a hand sketch or drawing or use our Online configurator. We look forward to hearing from you!

Technical data "Container Pad · Roll on / Roll off"
Product data
Product category Container plates, Support technique
Length, per piece (mm) 600
Width, per piece (mm) 300
Height, per piece (mm) 88
Load capacity¹ - substrate fixed & dry (≤t/piece)** 70
Weight per piece (kg) 9,30
Carrying handles (type) Handle bar
Carrying handles (quantity) 1
**Notes on load capacity All data on load-bearing capacity and protective effect depend, among other things, on factors such as temperature, soil class, soil properties, soil bearing capacity, contact areas, dynamics & direction of force application, an assessment of the subsoil by the user or a soil analysis by a surveyor or geotechnical expert on the bearing capacity of the soil is recommended before each use.
Material data
Material (1) HDPE plastic
Color black (approx. 80%) + colorful (approx. 20%)
UV stabilized Yes
Density (g/cm³) 0.96 g/cm³
Saturation amount of water (%) 0,01
Temperature range min/max (°C) -100 / +80
Application data
Industries Transport & Logistics
Logistics data
Transport dimensions, approx. (mm/kg) 600x300x88mm | 18,5 kg
Package shippable Yes
Videos 3
Videos "Container Pad · Roll on / Roll off"
Produktvorstellung Containerplatte Anti-Rutsch
Containerplatte als Asphaltschutz & Pflasterschutz
Containerplatte für Abrollcontaier auf Rasen & Wiesen
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