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Module support plates with 7.5° inclination

Modular stackable support plates made of plastic with 7.5° inclination in wedge shape, recess for support feet & anti-slip rubber coating for maximum safety.

  • 10 mm deep milling for support feet
  • 8 mm anti-slip rubber coating
  • Load distribution & stability
  • Durable & weather resistant
  • Compression & abrasion resistant
  • Rounded corners
  • Chamfered edges

Größe wählen:

  • ASP-N75-400-400-85

Features & Highlights

7.5° inclination or

15° inclination stacked
stackable support plates

with 10 mm deep groove
Rubberized underside for more safety & protection
No moisture absorption

No rotting & splintering
Weatherproof plastic instead of softening wood
Individual dimensions on request up to 4000x2000x140 mm
The stackable module support plates with 7.5° inclination, 8 mm thick anti-slip rubber coating... more

The stackable module support plates with 7.5° inclination, 8 mm thick anti-slip rubber coating on the underside and 10 mm deep milled recess to accommodate crane supports, crane claws and jibs of any kind. The ANTI-slip rubberized underside made of anti-slip & floor-protecting rubber provides even more safety and protection. The high quality and stable bond of the rubber layer with the HDPE plastic is achieved in the manufacturing process by the joint pressing or bonding by means of high temperature and pressure of the press. This clearly differs from support plates where the rubber layer was bonded by means of chemical glue. 

Another quality feature is the rounded corners and edges, which have been incorporated to improve durability and reduce the risk of injury. Due to the low dead weight and the incorporated carrying loops or carrying ropes, our support plates are particularly easy to carry and place. This effectively reduces set-up times and facilitates transport and storage.

Effective load distribution and improved stability

Plastic support plates provide solid support for vehicles, caravans, motor homes, trailers, equipment, machinery, containers or other objects, especially from soft and poorly load-bearing soils. In addition, they are suitable for support on hard floors such as concrete, asphalt, pavement or other hard, fragile or solid floors. In addition to any safe support and the absorption and distribution of loads, the focus is also on the protection of the soil or subsoil. 

Support plates made of plastic instead of wood

Are you still using wooden beams or scaffolding planks or form boards for shoring? Then you are aware of all the disadvantages of wood. Compared to plastic, wood is not weather resistant, not as heavy duty, can splinter, break, crack, fall and rot. So wood has to be replaced, exchanged and re-purchased over and over again.

Heavy duty and extremely pressure resistant support plates

Support plates and crane plates from Securatek, on the other hand, are made of HDPE 500 HMW plastic. This plastic is made of a high density, high molecular weight polyethylene. The main features of this product are: Durability, rigidity, resistance to environmental conditions and chemicals, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, low moisture absorption and weldability. Support plates made of plastic (PE) are more durable, weather-resistant and, above all, significantly more efficient than support plates made of wood. In comparison, they offer excellent quality, strength and very high load-bearing capacity for optimum load distribution with significantly smaller dimensions and dead weight.

Support plate ANTI-RUTSCH without inclination in standard sizes

Our support plate ANTI-RUTSCH are available in stock in standard sizes as listed below. 

  • 300x300x30mm (25mm HDPE + 5mm rubber)
  • 400x400x40mm (35mm HDPE + 5mm rubber)
  • 500x500x40mm (35mm HDPE + 5mm rubber)
  • 500x500x60mm (55mm HDPE + 5mm rubber)
  • 600x600x40mm (35mm HDPE + 5mm rubber)
  • 600x600x60mm (55mm HDPE + 5mm rubber)

If you need larger support plates, we recommend you to take a look at our crane plates.

Crane plate PRO standard sizes

Our crane plates PRO are available in standard sizes in stock as listed below. 

  • 800x800x40mm
  • 800x800x60mm
  • 800x800x80mm
  • 1000x1000x40mm
  • 1000x1000x60mm
  • 1000x1000x80mm

If you need even bigger support plates, we recommend you to ask us for the desired size or to configure it directly.

Load distribution plates - made to measure according to customer requirements

Individual, custom-made & configured milled parts made of semi-finished plastic products for load distribution, shoring & stability

  • Dimensions up to 4000x2000x140mm
  • CNC milling for logo or support feet
  • Colors similar to RAL

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Technical data "Module support plates with 7.5° inclination"
Produktkategorie Abstütztechnik, Abstützplatten
Länge, je Stück (mm) 400
Breite, je Stück (mm) 400
Höhe, je Stück (mm) 85
Tieffräsung (mm) 310x310x10
Modulfräsung zum Stapeln Ja
Neigung (Grad / Prozent) 7,5°
Gewicht je Stück (kg) 8,40
Tragegriffe (Art) Trageseil
Tragegriffe (Anzahl) 1
Stapelbar Ja
**Hinweise zur Belastbarkeit Alle Angaben zur Belastbarkeit und Schutzwirkung sind u.a. abhängig von Faktoren, wie z.B. Temperatur, Bodenklasse, Bodenbeschaffenheit, Bodentragfähigkeit, Kontaktflächen, Dynamik & Richtung der Krafteinbringung, eine Einschätzung des Untergrundes durch den Anwender bzw. eine Bodenanalyse durch einen Gutachter oder Geotechnischen Experten zur Tragfähigkeit des Bodens wird vor jedem Gebrauch empfohlen.
Material (1) HDPE Kunststoff, Gummigranulat
Branchen Events & Veranstaltungen, Baugewerbe & Baustoffhandel, Baulogistik & Infrastruktur, Schwertransport & Kranarbeiten , Maschinenumzüge & Montage, Höhenzugang & Arbeitsbühnen, Baumaschinenhandel & Baugerätehandel, Verteidigung & Militär, Gerüstbau, Bühnenbau, Gartenbau & Landschaftbau, Gleisbau & Schienenverkehr, Netzbau & Leitungsbau, Rohrleitungsbau & Brunnenbau, Sportstättenbau & Freizeitanlagenbau, Straßenbau & Verkehrswegebau, Transport & Logistik, Zivilschutz & Hilfsorganisationen
Transportabmessungen, ca. (mm/kg) 400x400x85 mm | 8,4 kg
Paketversandfähig Ja
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Stapelbare Modul Abstützplatten mit Neigung & Anti-Rutsch Gummierung
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