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Embankment Mat Coir BMK350

Erosion control mat quilted on both sides with an overlay of 100% natural fibers of coconut. Suitable for slope stabilization & greening of slopes with inclination up to 40°

  • 50000x1200 mm | 60 m²
  • 350 g/m² basis weight
  • Slopes up to 40° (1:1,2)
  • 100% coconut fiber overlay
  • Lifetime up to 36 months
oder in m²
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  • BMK-350-040-120

Highlights & Features

Reduces erosion by wind
Reduces erosion by precipitation
Reduces erosion by slope
Slopes up to 40° (1:1.2)
Can also be used for grass seeding
Lifetime up to 36 months
BMK350 slope mat is available in 2 roll sizes, 60m² (42 x 1,2m) or 120m² (42 x... more

BMK350 slope mat is available in 2 roll sizes, 60m²(42 x 1,2m) or 120m² (42 x 2,4m) . The erosion control mat, coir mat BMK350 is made of 100% natural coir fibers, which have excellent soil retention capacity and are quilted with a net and thread made of polypropylene. This creates a compact layer that provides immediate protection from erosion caused by slope, wind or rain, even before vegetation has developed.

Immediate erosion protection for slopes up to 40°

The structure of the erosion control mat reduces the energy input by water and wind on the surface and counteracts the removal of soil particles. In this way, you ensure efficient erosion protection. They provide optimum support for new vegetation and enable permanent planting even under the most adverse conditions. The coir slope mat is used on erosion-prone areas with slopes of up to 40° (1:1.2) for temporary erosion protection. The service life of the coir mat is up to 36 months. It depends on site conditions, soil, water, climate conditions and erosion hazard on site. 

Quick and easy to install. Do not forget ground anchors!

The slope mat is laid on a prepared and, if necessary, seeded surface. The erosion control mat must lie on the ground over the entire surface and without voids. The individual sheets are to be laid next to each other perpendicular to the slope of the embankment. The overlap at the vertical longitudinal joints should be approx. 10 cm and at the transverse joints approx. 10-20 cm. The open edge of the overlap must face away from the main wind direction. Transverse joints must always overlap from top to bottom. The upper and lower ends of the erosion protection mat must be buried approx. 10-20 cm deep at the slope shoulder and slope foot and fastened accordingly. Fixing is done with the help of ground anchors BA230 or BA300 or wooden peg made of beech HPB 300.

Can also be used for slope planting or seeding

Thanks to these properties, it is also possible to green steeper slopes and/or embankments easily and safely with grass. For this purpose, we recommend sowing the lawn seed on the laid slope mat and then covering it with a fertile soil. In this way, the lawn seed can germinate and take root safely and the embankment is additionally stabilized in a natural way.


All data are based on average values. As these are natural fibers, changes in color, shape, strength, weight and dimensions of up to +/-10 % may occur.

Technical data "Embankment Mat Coir BMK350"
Product data
Product category Geosynthetics, Erosion control
Length, per piece (mm) 50000
Width, per piece (mm) 2400
Height, per piece (mm) 9
Area per piece (m²) 120 m²
Basis weight (g/m²) 350
Weight per piece (kg) 42,00
Slope / gradient (degrees°) 40
Special notes Products made of natural fibers are subject to constant self-monitoring. Since they are natural fibers, changes in color, shape, strength, weight and dimensions of up to 10% may occur., The service life depends on the site conditions, soil, water, climate conditions and the erosion risk on site.
Material data
Material (1) Coconut
Material (mesh) PP
Material (quilting thread) PP
Lifetime (years) 3
Elongation, longitudinal (%) 30,3 %
Elongation, transverse (%) 22,9 %
Maximum tensile force, longitudinal (kN/m) 2,9
Maximum tensile force, transverse (kN/m) 1,2
Application data
Function Stabilize, Shooters, Erosion control
Application Erosion control / slope stabilization, Hydraulic engineering / water management, Road construction / traffic route construction, Recreational facilities / playground construction, Galabau / sports facility construction, Garden / House / Land, Golf / Park, Bank stabilization / rain retention, Traffic islands / traffic circle
Industries Horticulture & Landscaping, Golf Course Construction & Maintenance, Track construction & rail traffic, Sports facility construction & leisure facility construction, Road construction & traffic route construction, Pond Construction & Hydraulic Engineering
Logistics data
Package shippable No
Transport dimensions, approx. (mm/kg) 2400x450x450 mm | 42.0 kg
Number of pieces per pallet max., approx. 8 rolls (960 m²)
Customs tariff number 46 01 29 10
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