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Mulching Mat Coir MMK600

Erosion control mat made of quilted coconut fibers incl. weed fleece against unwanted plant growth & weeds. For embankments, slopes & inclinations up to 40° slope / gradient.

  • 42000x2400 mm | 100,8 m²
  • 600g/m² basis weight
  • Slopes up to 40
  • 100% coconut fiber layer
  • PE porous film, water permeable
  • Lifetime up to 36 months


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  • MMK-600-040-100

Highlights & Features

Reduces erosion by wind
Reduces erosion by precipitation
Reduces erosion by slope
Slopes up to 40° (1:1.2)
Planting by means of plant cuttings
PE foil as protection against weeds
The mulch mat Kokos MMK600 is a medium-weight fiber mat, made of degradable, renewable coconut... more

The mulch mat Kokos MMK600 is a medium-weight fiber mat, made of degradable, renewable coconut fibers with quilted PE porous film on the underside. The black PE porous film with a basis weight of 600 g/m² has 62 holes per square centimeter, which taper downwards in a funnel shape in a ratio of 4:1. The film has a very high stretching capacity to prevent footfall damage. It decomposes into its components, carbon dioxide and water, after a few years and is therefore considered completely environmentally neutral.

Effectively reduces weed and plant growth

The soil is shaded and thus protected from drying out due to wind and sun. Evaporation of soil moisture is proven to be reduced by up to 50%. An optimal microclimate develops, which has a beneficial effect on the root growth of the planting. The coconut fiber layer also provides excellent thermal insulation and significantly extends the service life of the PE film.

Protects against erosion caused by slope, rain and wind 

At the same time, the mulch mat provides reliable protection against rain, wind and water erosion immediately after installation, thus giving slopes and steep walls the necessary support prior to planting. Plantings can be carried out in combination with the mulch mat at low cost, and with less maintenance in the long term. The soil is darkened and thus the germination of undesirable herbs and grasses is prevented. However, due to the water and air permeable pore foil, an optimal water and gas balance of the covered areas is given.

Fixing and anchoring by means of ground anchors or wooden pegs 

The mulch mat Kokos MMK600 is laid flat or in strips parallel to the planting. The mulch mat can be easily cut with scissors. Overlaps at the longitudinal and transverse joints should be 5-10 cm. The fastening of the sheets in the ground can be done either with the ground anchor BA200 or BA230 or the wooden peg beech HPB 300. We recommend to use at least 3-5 fasteners per square meter.


Please note that all information about the product is based on average values. Since they are natural fibers, changes in color, shape, strength, weight and dimensions of up to 10% may occur.

Technical data "Mulching Mat Coir MMK600"
Product data
Product category Floor mounting, Erosion control
Length, per piece (mm) 42000
Width, per piece (mm) 2400
Area per piece (m²) 100,80
Basis weight (g/m²) 600
Weight per piece (kg) 60,50
Slope / gradient (degrees°) 40
Special notes Products made of natural fibers are subject to constant self-monitoring. Since they are natural fibers, changes in color, shape, strength, weight and dimensions of up to 10% may occur., The service life depends on the site conditions, soil, water, climate conditions and the erosion risk on site.
Material data
Material (1) Coconut
Material (mesh) PP
Material (quilting thread) PP
Lifetime (years) 3
Water permeable Yes
Elongation, longitudinal (%) 30,3 %
Elongation, transverse (%) 22,9 %
Maximum tensile force, longitudinal (kN/m) 2,9
Maximum tensile force, transverse (kN/m) 1,2
Application data
Function Mulching, Stabilize, Shooters, Erosion control
Application Erosion control / slope stabilization, Hydraulic engineering / water management, Recreational facilities / playground construction, Galabau / sports facility construction, Garden / House / Land, Golf / Park, Bank stabilization / rain retention
Industries Horticulture & Landscaping, Golf Course Construction & Maintenance, Sports facility construction & leisure facility construction, Road construction & traffic route construction, Pond Construction & Hydraulic Engineering
Logistics data
Package shippable No
Transport dimensions, approx. (mm/kg) 1200x450x450 mm | 30,25 kg, 2400x450x450 mm | 60,5 kg
Number of pieces per pallet max., approx. 3 rolls (300 m²)
Customs tariff number 46 01 29 10
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