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e:tek MINI EVO · Ultra Compact Road Plate

Ultra compact road plate made of bendable plastic with 4 connecting holes and EvoGrip profile. More robust than formwork panels, lighter than steel plates. Also available as a set.

  • 1500 x 1000 x 12 mm | 16.5 kg
  • Load capacity up to ¹15t | ²6t | ³1,5t **
  • EvoGrip micro-profile on both sides
  • R10 slip resistance with certificate
  • 4 connection holes
  • LDPE plastic
  • Sets of 10/20/30 available
oder in m²
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  • ET-MINI-EVO-1500-1000-12-11

Features & Highlights

Sensational price
performance ratio
Quick & easy
installed manually by hand
Pedestrian friendly
with high R10 slip resistance
Ideal for setting up work sites
in many Industries
Can be used as a
temporary roadway or platform
Driveable with many
Construction machines & vehicles
The ultra-compact e:tek MINI EVOroad plate measure 1500 x 1000 x 12 mm, cover an area of 1.50... more

The ultra-compact e:tek MINI EVOroad plate measure 1500 x 1000 x 12 mm, cover an area of 1.50 m², are approx. 16 kg light and feature the revolutionary EvoGrip profile structure with strong anti-slip properties on both sides. The track plates have 4 connecting holes for easy coupling of the road plates  with single connectors made of plastic or quick connectors made of steel. The load capacity** is up to approx. 15t on paved & dry ground, up to approx. 6t on unpaved & dry ground and up to 1.5t on unpaved & wet ground. Plastic driving plates protect the ground, lawns and paved areas from damage.

Are the e:tek MINI EVO road plates also available as a drive plate set?

Yes, the driving plates are available in 3 set sizes. You can choose between sets of 10, sets of 20 or sets of 30, whereby the number indicates how many driving plates the set contains. In addition to the panels, the set always includes a panel box consisting of a SmartStore steel pallet and 4 SmartStore corner brackets. You will find the drive plate sets under "Similar articles"

  • set of 10 e:tek MINI EVO drive plates
  • 20er e:tek MINI EVO driving plate set
  • 30er e:tek MINI EVO driving plate set

Lighter than steel plates and more robust than wooden panels

The e:tek MINI EVO drive-over plates are with just 16 kg many times lighter than steel plates and thanks to the plastic much more durable than wooden shuttering panels. The etek MINI EVO drive-over plates are often used in landscaping for load distribution, area protection or as a drive-over plate or lane plate and are therefore the perfect and inexpensive alternative to wood and steel. The ultra compact e:tek MINI EVO driving plates reliably protect the subsoil and prevent light vehicles, machines and pedestrians from sinking in.

  • High quality LDPE plastic 
  • High UV resistance
  • Weather resistant
  • Temperature resistant
  • Does not splinter & rot
  • Easy to clean

Driving plates as pavement protection, lawn protection and area protection 

Thus, you reliably protect the surface of the floor or flooring (area protection) and reduce the likelihood of costly rework of the floor. The big advantage of plastic panels compared to wooden panels or multi-purpose panels for formwork in concrete construction is that plastic panels do not rot, are heat and frost resistant, break resistant and extremely flexible and therefore reusable. e:tek MINI EVO plastic panels thus allow improved safety and mobility, recommended for predominantly solid ground. The special and easy-to-handle e:tek MINI EVO plastic driving plates ensure safe and constant ground conditions thanks to their EvoGrip structuring on both sides.

  • Turf protection, prevents rutting
  • Paving protection, protects paving stones
  • Ground protection, protects against excessive pressure
  • Protects sensitive floor coverings

Driving plates can also be laid as a platform or driving lane

At the same time, they protect the subsoil, whether it is meadow, pavement or other soil from damage. Often our e:tek MINI EVO driving plates are used as roadway plates for surface protection of floor coverings, temporary platform, mobile roadway, temporary parking lot, tent floor, event floor, temporary fence solution, makeshift path or as access road for guiding vehicle or visitor flows. For this purpose, we recommend using our plastic connectors with reinforcement and cross reinforcement to lay the panels as a platform.

  • Laying as mobile road & construction road
  • Laying of temporary pedestrian paths
  • Laying as platforms e.g. as storage area
  • Access & supply roads for events


Technical data "e:tek MINI EVO · Ultra Compact Road Plate"
Product data
Product category Soil protection, Trackway mats
Product line e:tek - trackway mats
Length, per piece (mm) 1500
Width, per piece (mm) 1000
Height, per piece (mm) 12 mm (core thickness without profiling)
Area per piece (m²) 1,50 m²
Weight per piece (kg) 16,0
Weight per m² (kg) 10,66
Classification (TÜV/DIN/EN) R10 Rutschhemmung DIN EN 16165:2021-12 Anhang B (1mm Profil), 99 PTV (DRY) Slip resistance according to BS7976-2:2002, 31 PTV (WET) Slip resistance according to BS7976-2:2002
Profiling (both sides) Yes
Profiling (by type) 1 <1mm EvoGrip
Profile thickness approx. (Page 1 | Page 2) <1 mm | <1 mm
Connection holes per plate 4
Types of joints / laying Baustrasse, Road, Lanes (1-lane, 2-lane, 2-lane in H-principle, multi-lane arrangement), Platform (optimal for storage areas, assembly areas, parking areas, container spaces)
Load capacity¹ - substrate fixed & dry (≤t/piece)** 15
Load capacity² - substrate unpaved & dry (≤t/pc)** 6
Load capacity³ - substrate unpaved & wet (≤t/pc)** 1,5
**Notes on load capacity All data on load-bearing capacity and protective effect depend, among other things, on factors such as temperature, soil class, soil properties, soil bearing capacity, contact areas, dynamics & direction of force application, an assessment of the subsoil by the user or a soil analysis by a surveyor or geotechnical expert on the bearing capacity of the soil is recommended before each use.
Material data
Material (1) LDPE Plastic (Recycled)
Material thickness (mm) 12
Thermal expansion 1.8 mm/(m-10°C)
Color gray
Surface (texture) Micro profile structure
Moisture absorption (%) 0,015 %
Application data
Industries Construction & building materials trade, Horticulture & Landscaping, Golf Course Construction & Maintenance, Track construction & rail traffic, Network construction & line construction, Pipeline construction & well sinking, Sports facility construction & leisure facility construction, Road construction & traffic route construction, Pond Construction & Hydraulic Engineering, Transport & Logistics, Wind Turbines & Solar Farms, Civil defense & relief organizations
Logistics data
Transport dimensions, approx. (mm/kg) 1500x1000x12 mm | 16 kg
Transport quantity per truck, max: 1400 pieces (2100 m²)
Stackable Yes
Customs tariff number 39 20 10 89
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